Shebley Group & Brand (@qbyqs)

Shebley Group & Brand (@qbyqs)

On a larger scale, fashion has become one of the most trending industries in the world nowadays as style is one of the enormous ways in which people express their personality, elegance, and much more. There is nothing more satisfying for people than getting colossal compliments when they walk among a group of people. Being fashionable leads to tremendous respect in social circles that boosts their self-esteem. Today, we will talk about a renowned personality who is a founder as well as a creative director. He possesses an impressive portfolio of fashion accessories. He has a huge fan following on Instagram with 17.1k followers. His founded company is rich, elegant, and stylish in fashion ensembles. It keeps adding amazing prints and a modern look to its extensive collection regularly. This is the reason that his company ranked among the famed fashion industries. Yes, we are certainly talking about Que Shebley (@queshebley).

Que Shebley, Lebanese American fashion designer who is popularly known for the uniqueness, elegance, and style in fashion. He grew up in Kuwait, and at a young age, he moved to the United States of America. He has a fashion designing family background beyond his father, Que Shebley’s mother is a crafter of jewelry.

From an early age, Que Shebley manifests a great interest in the field of fashion. He mastered himself by learning designs inspired by his father. In the year 2005, Que Shebley started his journey of fashion, and in a short period, he becomes an importer of Italian goods.  

His remarkable combinations of shades and a keen interest in soft and hard textures are the keys to his success. He has worked for many fashion houses, where he gave his incredible efforts and services, and this the reason that he got recognition in the industry for his high-quality services. Thereafter, he became a leading fashion designer in the US fashion market.

With due course of time, Que Shelby established his company, Q by Qs in 2014.  His company is a first-generation fashion tech company that designs magnificent designs and handcraft luxury footwears by using old-world Craftsmanship into the 21st century.

Q by Qs company always brings an advanced twist in old-world craftmanship to empowering its clients’ experience. The company uses the latest technology to meet the standards and satisfaction of its customers. Coming up with the new designs and styles in the market is one of the greatest motives of Que Shebley’s company. This is the reason that company always gets 5 stars ratings and satisfying comments from its buyers. One of the contented customers acclaimed the company’s service in the following words: “Real comfortable shoes, honestly every worth penny. Its feet sizer technology was amazing,  I got something interesting which has certainly enhanced my personality”. Its famed is not confined here as Q by Qs has also been nominated in the world’s largest, most prestigious, and highest achievement award in design, A Design Award & Competition. Apart from that, Q by Qs has also been featured in several articles.

Thus, Que Shebly is the man who always dreamt to have the life that leads him to where today he is. He is highly inspired, dedicated, and committed to his profession which we can witness from his company, Q by Qs, as his company stands among one of the top brands in fashion within a short span of time. His marketing and sale team is comprised of experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of the market they are operating in. They continuously thriving to maintain the calibre of the company and the satisfaction of its customers, and this is the reason that customers have gratifying reviews for the company. So, if you want to buy fashion accessories that magnify your personality then QbyQs will be the right choice. Just visit Moreover, you keep update yourself from its elegant products on its Instagram page (@qbyqs).