Shareef Sief (@shareef.seif.bridal)

Shareef Sief (@shareef.seif.bridal)

Fashion is an aesthetic display of one’s identity and compliments everyone differently. A true fashion designer brings the best out of their client, making them look stylish and beautiful. Shareef Seif is a renowned designer specializing in bridal dresses and fancy chic wear. His work is a representation of his talented skills and creative mindset. He knows his way around the perfect cuts, colors, and designs for different types of skin tones and body shapes. Shareef is the owner and founder of his booming business named ‘Shareef Seif Bridal’. He has a shop in the United Kingdom plus Syria and also holds appointments for personal orders and customized designs. Although he lives in the United Kingdom, he was born and raised in Damascus, Syria.

Shareef’s career is built on consistent hard work and commitment. The process of designing gorgeous clothes is time-consuming and hectic. Clients book appointments with Shareef and the sketching, designing, sampling, and stitching continues until the bridal wear is ready. Shareef’s work is brilliant, thus why many women from Britain and Syria trust him with his designs. Some of his special clients include Sedra Asaad and the blogs of LA Closet Diaries. Everyone interested in fashion is aware of Shareef’s clothing collections, and many people are eager to wear clothes invented by him. His name is only enough to gather an audience wanting to see his new collections and what latest dresses has he come up with to delight the world. Shareef also has attended the London fashion week, travelled in multiple countries trying to bring his work internationally as well.

A wedding is the most important day in people’s lives, and for a bride, her dress is highly valuable to the event. Every bride wants to look and feel the best on her wedding day and having a dress that takes all the attention to her way. Shareef is known for fulfilling that desire and creating a bridal dress that is capable of catching everyone’s eye. It is made with great detailing and is perfectly stitched to suit the client’s body. A designer’s true recognition is through the clients and customers of the service and work. Shareef’s customers pride themselves on joy even talking about his clothes. His page is full of comments and high ratings regarding his excellent service and code of conduct while processing and delivering orders. His customers are the promoters of his work, as the more people Shareef works with, the more he is supported further. This is due to his charismatic personality and professional approach that can impress people on spot.

Shareef has lived in a country that faces violence daily, yet his work is an art that brings out all the good in the world. He brings smiles to people’s faces and makes their wedding day the most enjoyable of their lives. Shareef can be contacted through his work’s Instagram account called ‘shareef.seif.bridal’. He has nearly 60 thousand followers and his collection launches gather thousands of views. He releases videos and photoshoots of his clients and collection to show his skills to viewers. If you are interested in an elegant fashion craft or are getting married then do look up his Instagram and follow him for updates and booking appointments.

Shareef has a private profile that sheds light on his family and his relationships. He is a family man that is not only great at making lovely clothes but also is an amazing father. He is inspirational to all aspiring designers in the world that are seeking to build a career in lavish wear collections. His business started like every designer, but with his persistent diligence, his collections now are worn by celebrities, models, and influential individuals.

Shareef has accomplished a lot in just a short time and his career only is starting to expand further. His work is unique and in demand as there are only a few designers who will work with you on a personal basis, understand your requirements and build you a whole concept of dressing. Shareef’s designs are not just clothes, they are a vision of his client’s ideal and the portrayal of their personalities. There is no surprise why everyone Shareef meets is captivated by his presence and attire, and why his motto is to grab others’ attention through the eye.