ShapeUpKing (@theshapeupking)

ShapeUpKing (@theshapeupking)

Emmanuel is a barber and salesman based in Washington. He is widely known as the “Shape-Up King”. He is famous not just for his amazing haircutting and hairstyling skills but also for his generosity and kind-heartedness. He has been running a barbershop for over 10 years and has a lot of experience and talent as a barber. He also runs a mobile barbershop and has recently been offering free haircuts to people who have been left unemployed and poor because of the pandemic. Emmanuel recognizes that the pandemic has been tough on people and he is doing his part in alleviating people’s suffering by offering his skills for free to those in need.

His journey as a hairdresser and barber started when he was very young. Emmanuel grew up in poverty and his parents could not afford to get him and his brother haircuts. This made him and his brother victims of bullying at school. And so young Emmanuel decided to take things into his own hands and began giving his brother haircuts. This way he learned the art of haircutting and was slowly approached by other friends and peers at school. He would give them haircuts for less than $3 which made him an affordable option. Soon he became the go-to barber for his entire school and built a name for himself in the community. He decided to pursue a career as a barber and has been reaching new heights of success every step of the way. When he was 15 he started working at a variety of different barbershops and saved up so he could one day open his shop. He was able to bring his dream to life and he now owns a barbershop in Prince George’s County which he has successfully been running for many years.

The mobile shop is a more recent invention, yet it has proven to be just as successful and in demand. He runs it from a spacious black cargo truck that can accommodate all of his tools and has space for him and his customers. The truck has “SHAPE-UP KING” printed everywhere which makes it look cool and inviting. People often stop to check out the truck and even take pictures with it. Emmanuel travels on the streets of Washington with his truck and has built a name for himself. He often stations himself near the Howard University campus and is popular amongst the students there. They appreciate his amazing cutting skills as well as his affordable prices and his kind-heartedness. The students at Howard University recommend him to their other friends at Howard and this way Emmanuel has built a customer base at the university.

You can find the Shape Up King on social media. The Instagram page is called @theshapeupking and has garnered almost 50 thousand followers. The Instagram page is a space where Emmanuel shares pictures and videos of the unique and amazing haircuts he gives. He also shares videos from inside his mobile barbershop and uses his Instagram as a platform to alert his followers with the location of the mobile barbershop. His regular customers can keep themselves informed of his location by following him on Instagram. Emmanuel also uses his Instagram to share fun and cute snippets from his personal life. He recently shared a video of his daughter where he can be seen homeschooling and praying with her. The video radiates love and shows a heartwarming father-daughter bond. Emmanuel also shares fun videos with his customer where they can be seen joking around and this reflects the fun and carefree relationship he shares with them.

Emmanuel has built the Shape Up King with his hard work and determination. He is not only extremely talented and great at what he does but is also immensely generous. He cares about the community and the people around him. His initiative to offer free haircuts to people unemployed because of the pandemic is a great example of how kind-hearted he is. He is also a family man and loves his daughter. He will surely continue to grow as a barber and achieve new heights of success.