Shalev Ifrah

Shalev Ifrah

This article introduces you to one of the most brilliant personalities whose name is Shalev Yifrach. He is popularly and widely known as Shalev Ifrah.

Shalev Ifrah is one of the Israel-based leading entrepreneurs, business consultants, digital marketers, and motivational speakers. He has revolutionized the field of internet marketing with his skills and is considered a leading figure and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of digital marketing in Israel today. His one of the most significant contributions is that he has taught over 10,000 Israelis how to succeed in the field of digital marketing, affiliate marketing, information products, business marketing services, etc. One of his well-known projects is the 2100 Academy, which he co-founded with his partner Hadar Fir. It is the first digital academy in Israel that teaches one of the most coveted digital marketing professions with a level of content that has never been seen before in Israel.  He besides trusting himself believes in hard work and has been the daring person who never shuns struggle and always dares to try. Moreover, he has always been passionate about knowing different things, pursuing his passion, chasing his goals, and doing things beyond his limits because he believes that success has no limits. He never thinks that he is the best and has always been open to learning and his openness allowed him to evolve, learn new things and eventually get better. He took five years to reach where he is today, and his journey to his successful business had never been smooth. At the age of 27 years, he failed in multiple businesses but he did not lose hope and kept striving as hard as he could. He, unlike other entrepreneurs, has received so much recognition at a very young age. Who he is today is just because of his strong self-belief, firm dedication, and commitment to his passion. Besides, he has been blessed with a loving and caring family, and a supportive spouse who kept motivating and encouraging him after his every failure. One of the most fascinating things about him is that he never stood still but set goals and moved forward to achieve them. He has a long way to go and a lot to achieve and for that, he has been firmly determined.

Despite being a renowned and successful businessperson, he has been free from ego and down to earth. His humbleness is witnessed from the fact that he is good to everyone. He has a loving heart and a kind soul. That’s the reason he always loves and gives value to others. He has been motivating and inspiring all and sundry. Many people strive to be like him and they follow him because they believe that he has the knowledge to give to them. He has been guiding many about how to achieve success in their businesses. In this regard, he has written a guide book in the Hebrew language for entrepreneurs who want to break into the digital world in the shortest time and at the lowest risk. That book can easily be purchased from his website (Link given below).

Moreover, He always tries his best to stay positive and optimistic. He abhors negativity and magnetizes positivity to him. He is always focused on the broader, brighter, and happier aspects of life.  One always finds a shining smile on his face no matter in whatever situation he is. He knows very well how to appreciate and cherish everything he has. Apart from this, he knows the art of managing his professional, social, and personal life simultaneously. He remains active on social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook where he keeps educating, inspiring, and motivating his followers. He on his Instagram account has been able to garner 11.1K followers. More can be learned about this astonishing personality if he is followed on his social media accounts, the links to which are given below.



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