Shabaz Aslam (@shahbazaslam)

Shabaz Aslam (@shahbazaslam)

Sean O’Pry, who was ranked as the world’s most thriving male model by Forbes in 2009, once said, “When it comes to taking a picture, you have to connect for that frame. You have to connect to the photographer, with the stylist, and the hair and makeup you’re doing, but also to the reader and whoever views the image. And you have to maintain that connection you have to be within that moment.” Whether we like to accept it or not when it comes to pursuing dreams, we more often than ever fancy embracing conventional career paths that pay more. While doing so, we wholly dismiss the courageous people who break the shackles of the mainstream by following eccentric career paths. One of such professions is modeling. We often tend to overlook the amount of hard work that goes into not only maintaining your shape but also representing the brand you are modeling for. These are the people we should talk about and be inspired by. One such individual is Shahbaz Aslam, who not only opposes the norms by chasing his dream but also surmounts it.

Shahbaz Aslam is a model from England, United Kingdom. He does not remember the particular day or time when it happened, but ever since he can reminisce, he was always drawn to be a model. From a young age, he saw himself modeling in front of a camera. When every child went through a phase of being camera shy, Shahbaz was that one confident kid who fretted nothing. In fact, being in front of a camera was one spot where he felt happy and confident. Whenever he would feel anxious, he would open his camera and pose for it. It might sound uncanny, but it always made his mood better. Soon it became his reason to live, and it was then when he just grasped that he belongs in front of a camera. He immediately realized how his connection with modeling and camera is so special to such an extent that it led him to make the bravest decision of following his dream despite people telling them not to.

However, nothing in life comes easy, and neither was Shahbaz’s journey. He encountered incalculable amounts of obstacles in his way, each worse than before. But rather than giving up and doing a nine to five job, he would face them all heroically. Shahbaz put his whole blood, sweat, and tears into making his dream turn into a reality. He had to listen to people talk, put him down, and whatnot. However, he believed in himself, and it was all that matters because now all those people are lamenting it since Shahbaz proved them all wrong by becoming a model.

To increase his reach by putting himself out globally, Shahbaz Aslam made an Instagram account, whose handle is @shahbazaslam. He tries to be active daily, whether through his posts or updating his story, as he wants his followers to get a scoop into his daily life. Due to his genuine and humble nature, he has almost eighty eight thousand followers on Instagram, which keeps on skyrocketing with every new post he makes.

‘’Find something worthy to die for and live for it” is a dictum that Shahbaz Aslam lives his life by, and it fitly describes his whole life choices. There is no doubt in declaring he breathed these words into existence with every bit of step that he took. He left his reliable and safe nine to five jobs to gambling it all to start living his dream. Shahbaz makes his quest of becoming a renowned model seem like an easy feat, but with one close look, you could see how it was all achievable through burning candles at both ends. His tale is an inspiration to all who dare to dream the unordinary and desire to achieve it, notwithstanding many people narrating them not to. His story is one of those that live on eternally and will help many people build up the gut and courage to follow what has not been done before.