Serena Alfaro (@serena.alfaro)

Serena Alfaro (@serena.alfaro)

The right jewellery has the tendency to make you unique. You are not fully dressed without a piece of statement jewellery that adds sparkle to your look. Serena is a gorgeous lady putting her efforts into creating a desirable look through unique jewellery pieces. She is an entrepreneur who designs and makes jewellery. She is the living example of healthy living and high thinking- a former freelance writer and a professional writer trying to conquer the business industry. Going out on beaches, cooking healthy food, and spending time with a pet make her happy. Her admiring content has helped her gain more than 1100 followers and 30.5k likes on TikTok under her username (@serena.alfaro). If you are looking for entrepreneurial motivation, following Serena Alfaro would be the right choice


Winners never quit, and quitters never win. It explains how beautifully this young lady dealt with all her challenges; there was a time when she was confused about her journey then, but then she realized she wanted to do something on her own. She left two corporate jobs and launched her brand in 2020. Her brand @nuevaluxe offers everyday luxury jewellery. You can check her page, where you can see various luxury collections, from sapphires to pearls; there is nothing that’s not there. She is a nature and beach lover; that’s why most pieces are inspired by nature, such as the Kyanite and Pearl necklace- a teardrop pendant inspired by the ocean’s lapping waves. Running a business is not an easy task, but Serena is passionate about it and putting a lot of effort into making her small enterprise successful. If her incredible jewellery collection inspires you, check it out on her page but don’t forget to follow her on TikTok.

Dancing is an art combined with the joy of the moment and the heart of life. Dancing makes you free; Serena is a professional dancer who doesn’t dance to become better than anyone else but becomes a better version of herself. When we dance, the goal is not to get a particular place on the floor but to enjoy each step with the movements. Follow Serena on TikTok to get dancing tips and tricks.

It’s good to get lost on a journey, looking for some food and shelter while making a bunch of memories. Serena understands the importance of travelling; she doesn’t travel alone. Her dog is always with her, be it a morning walk or a city to explore. Dog’s love is something that gives her inner satisfaction. By spending time with her dog, she gets pleasure. When she travels the world, first, it makes her speechless with its beauty that she becomes a storyteller. To get awakened in a strange town exploring different people and cultures is one of the best feelings she enjoys being a traveller. If her life inspires you, follow Serena on TikTok.

When you build small daily healthy habits, you create a road towards your staggering long-term results. These habits are like stairs; it’s better to go on a stair rather than an elevator as you learn a lot of things during the journey. Serena tries every day to live a healthy balanced life. Her TikTok reveals how she tries to cook healthy food and plans to go on morning beach walks with her dog. Early morning beach walks are an excellent source of therapy. Forgetting all your worries, walking barefoot, feeling the joy of sand, and letting the air refresh your mind is something people die for. Those who want a healthy life should follow Serena Alfaro on TikTok and try an early morning beach walk.