Sequoia Blodgett

Sequoia Blodgett

A wearer of multiple different, widely ranging hats, Sequoia Blodgett is an all-rounder who has managed to defy all odds and find success in everything she sets out to do. From working in front of the camera as an exceptional host, journalist, and social media influencer to her work behind the lens as a wildly successful photographer and video director, Sequoia is the all-rounder person who seems to have found the key which holds the answers to the steps needed in reaching the pinnacle of living the perfect dream life.

Having had completed her studies in film at the Loyola Marymount University located in Los Angles, Sequoia’s talent in naturally being able to extract the talent out of actors from behind the camera was discovered not long after she graduated from her university. Having worked with many famous and well-acclaimed artists and brands within the industry, this aspiring entrepreneur had already managed to gain substantial success in her field of work as a commercial and music video director within the entertainment industry at a fairly young age.

With an observant eye by nature, Sequoia was quick to notice the shift in the music industry at quite an early stage. Becoming fascinated by the tech world following the move towards technology and home to a naturally adventurous spirit, Sequoia decided to take the metaphorical bull of her newfound interest and potential next project – by the horns and run with it. Claiming that; “I have always had an adventurous spirit inside of me, and after having my fun at the entertainment industry and working as a director and producer, I wanted to try my hand at something more challenging.”

She further goes on to say that; “with the rise of technological integration within the music industry, (her) jump towards it just seemed the natural next step up the ladder.” And so, taking a calculated risk and perhaps a small leap of faith, Sequoia departed from her career in the entertainment industry returned to her roots. Having moved back to the Bay Area from where she initially originated, Sequoia wasted no time in vaulting headfirst into the world of tech and business. Having lucked out, this bright and powerful woman seemed to have finally caught her calling after catching a break when she attended Draper University, a start-up boot camp led by legendary Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Tim Draper.

Taken by Sequoia’s invigorating personality and her disposition for possessing everyone with her natural charisma and infectious attitude for change, Draper decidedly saw the latent talent residing within her and finally become her first investor, catapulting her career into further success. Having quickly found success in the first company, she felt her explorer senses tingling and once again decided to venture out and launch a new company. Going by the name of Comma’s, this business provided growing entrepreneurs a product and service engine that offered exclusive access to top tech and creative resources – later amalgamizing it into the Venture Capital Engine, M13. 

While Sequoia does enjoy her current job, her venturesome personality has her dipping her toes in other affairs she finds intriguing. From producing and directing high-quality content and turning streets into runways to speaking all over the world about fundraising, building a tech company and using tech to create strong visual content and even hosting various tech and media conferences, having her very own podcast and oft being seen on FOX’s, “Central Ave.” – Sequoia continues to do anything and everything she finds herself interested in.

Using her own social media platform to not only keep her followers updated about her current ongoings, but Sequoia is also an unabashed promoter of social justice and is not afraid to bravely tackle the injustices she sees arising in her day-to-day life. From going on live discussions to talk about the importance of being “unapologetically black and supporting youth” through movie analysis to boldly reflecting her values even through her business by speaking up about the social injustices happening within her own country, Sequoia is a woman of integrity and steadfast spirit. It is no surprise then that she has been so incredibly successful in all her ventures to date.