Scott Bleakley (@scottbleakleyy)

Scott Bleakley (@scottbleakleyy)

Successfully recognizing your passion, having the courage to design your career upon it and giving it all you might and main undoubtedly promises lucrative results. Believing in the same phenomenon, Scott Bleakley, a native of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, decided to initiate his business set-up that would allow his customers to benefit from his passion for brands and other designer merchandise.

From a very young age, Scott had been a connoisseur in matters of brands and quality products. Scott had been a great assistance to his family and friends when it came to choosing the best option available in the market. He soon recognized his abilities and polished them further to serve more people from his acumen. He understood the market need of customers together with the difficulty they face in the shape of escalated prices when buying an up to the scratch quality product. Thus, he initiated his business venture titled the ‘SB plug.’ The UK based business provides its customers with exclusive items removing the element of high reselling cost which makes these goods overpriced on other online market platforms.

A venturous mind combined with a passion for designer brands allows Scott to identify the taste of his customers and anticipate the change in market demand beforehand. Either you are a fan of Essentials clothing or Nike shoes or you prefer being a loyal customer of Louis Vuitton and Gucci products, you will find what you need at SB plug online store. Scott Bleakley believes in making these designer brands available to a wider range of consumer base that is deprived of fulfilling the terms of designer price tags. The business covers a wide variety of products ranging from shirts to shoes and caps to accessory items like key pouches and card holders etc. The items take in all the current season, old season, and outlet stock.

Combining passion with the profession has been a favourite pursuit of Scott Bleakley. Scott has been able to put into use even the tiniest of his inclinations. His fondness towards football and other outdoor sports allowed him to fill his shelves with adequate stocks of the finest quality sports shoes such as Nike Air Force, Nike Air Max 2090, and Air Jordan 1 Mid etc. Flourishing in his field, Scott even opened his own brand of SBcaps. Living every moment of his success, Scott Bleakley also firmly believes in serving humanity. Working with the FareShare charity organization, Scott has initiated a process of donation on the sale of every cap trigging in his customers a habit of helping the needy in society.

Apart from an entrepreneur, Scott Bleakley also happens to be a FOREX investor and a professional market analyst. His risk-taking ability allows him to stake his investments on the changing trends of the stock market and benefit with multiple times of profit. Scott also utilizes his adroitness in the money market by guiding people in the best investment option with the lucrative most result either in multinational company shares on the FOREX market or through bitcoins and other online cryptocurrencies. Scott had himself benefitted from various online and all-time high cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Gemini, Bitmex, etc.

Few other capabilities of Scott also bought him in the field of gym training, coaching, and mentoring. His passion led him to open his own ‘349 Gym’ with the latest equipment such as a power cage, dumbbell rack, squat rack, etc. The gym has also stocked its shelves with the best sports nutrition supplements and is offering free membership deals for early bird customers.

Scott Bleakley life is full of speed, vigour, and zest. His passion and entrepreneur mindset grant him an edge in the professional world. To browse more about Scott Beakley lifestyle, you can follow him on Facebook @clack.rea or Instagram @scottbleakleyy where he regularly posts his adventures and pictures of his latest owned speedy cars like Ferrari, BMW, Volkswagen or Porsche GT4.

Other than that, to gain access to numerous designer brands through SB plug you can follow the Instagram page @sbplug_ or visit the website www. If you wish to buy Scott’s own SB branded caps you can follow him on Instagram @sbcaps. Moreover, to stay updated with fitness techniques and developments in Scott’s gym you can follow his Instagram ID @349barbell.