Dwayne Johnson says, “Success is not always about greatness. It is about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” He is very much true in his saying because success kisses the feet of those who work hard consistently. In this connection, this article introduces you to a very energetic, multi-talented, and multi-dimensional personality who succeeded in achieving her goals and vision just because of her consistency, dedication, and commitment. Her name is Schlanda Marshall who is popularly known as Schlondam.

Schlondam is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a writer, blogger, trainer, weight loss influencer, an experienced TV Producer, Content Developer, and a self-driven Entrepreneur armed with relentless work ethic, dedication, and ambition. She has been passionate about fitness and beauty productions. Moreover, Schlondom is a gym enthusiast who loves boxing too and according to her boxing keeps her active. She is a lady with firm determination who remains committed to her passion and loves what she does. She has been successful in her life just because of her untiring efforts and hard work. She believes in herself and her abilities and is of the view that no one can succeed in life without setting one’s mindset goals.

Furthermore, Schlondam is the leader of the movement titled as ‘The Tunnel vision mindset’. She took her weight insecurities and made them into the drivers of her weight transformation. To achieve her goals related to her weight, she channeled her tunnel vision mindset and became successful in losing over 75Lbs. Later she thought of and started writing blogs to inspire other women to do the same. She succeeded just because of her resilience, vigor, dedication, commitment, and above all her mindset. Over time she not only has been owner and operator of multiple businesses, and influencer to people who want to lose their weight but also has become a renowned author by writing a book entitled ‘Tunnel Vision’.

The book ‘Tunnel Vision’ is a good read and the perfect motivational book for those who look to change their mindset. In this book, Schlondam has written about her journey of losing weight. Moreover, this book has already been able to help thousands of people fight weight and health problems since so far. Within the book, one finds the motivation, education, and reliability one needs to get through one’s weight transformation.

Apart from this, she is a very optimistic lady who always remains hopeful and never allows negativity to overwhelm her mind. She is very cheerful too and knows how to make every moment of her life enjoyable and memorable. She works day in and day out to achieve her set goals. Despite being busy in her life, she has learned how to manage her personal, professional, and social life successfully. She remains active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and has her YouTube channel too. She helps others achieve their weight loss and health-related goals. That’s why the circle of her fans and followers is swelling with each passing day and this can be known from the fact that she has amassed 44.5k followers on her Instagram account, thousands of subscribers on her Facebook page, and 3.42k subscribers on her YouTube channel. People draw inspiration from such a highly motivated lady and act upon her suggestions regarding weight loss. More can be learned about this versatile lady if she is followed on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Health and fitness-conscious people must subscribe to her YouTube channel as she on her channel uploads videos in which she suggests tips for how to reduce weight and remain healthy and fit. She has the official website of her brand too. The links to her website, social media pages, and YouTube channel are given below.