Sarah Dishong (@_karunasatoriasmr)

Sarah Dishong (@_karunasatoriasmr)

The contemporary unfortunate times of the COVID-19 crisis have pushed the whole world into a period of lockdown and isolation where people require some entertainment and calmness in the chaos. Karuna Daniel Satori, a popular American YouTuber, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Artist and Vlogger have helped millions of people around the world to cope up with their depression and sadness.

Originally named Sarah Dishong, Karuna Satori was born in the US state of Pennsylvania. Success didn’t knock on Sarah’s doors in the blink of an eye. She had to cross many hurdles and hitches to achieve the name and fame she is honoured with today. During her adolescent years, she struggled with herself and her drug addiction. Diligence and a will to improve herself allowed her to counter her addiction and turn back to life. Eventually, she opened her YouTube Channel and fashioned herself with the name of Karuna Satori representing her compassion of Bodhisattva in Buddhism and enlightenment. Her first video, ‘GEORGE ENTITLED (G4T) GEORGE HEMMINGER’ won the hearts of the countless audience and this marked her first step on the long route of success. ­­­

Karuna Satori believes in the magic of her voice and she aims to improve people’s lives through her ASMR videos. She has extended several health tips, beauty tips and life hacks to bring ease to people’s life. Her optimism and ever so cheery personally radiates a highly positive aura. She even introduced several under the radar techniques of massage and meditation for people suffering from severe headaches and migraine pain. Advancing a step further Karuna Satori even practised the course of Reiki Healing, a Japanese spiritual healing art. No doubts about the fact that she was officially certified as the Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. Karuna Satori’s anti-racist and anti-discriminatory thoughts have encouraged the people to fight back their fears and instead of hiding and harming oneself one should come out in the society to spread love and eradicate the unwanted anger and rage in the society.

Karuna Satori generally wants to make people live their life to the fullest as she firmly believes that by worrying one pays a debt that one doesn’t even owe. Owing to her confident personality, she openly shares her views and thought in the shape of numerous vlogs and everyday captured photos of herself which are instantly liked by her long-awaiting fanbase. It has been one of her fruits of achievement that she won ‘The Gold Creator Award’ of YouTube on excelling One Million Subscribers on her YouTube Channel. Today her YouTube Channel subscriber list has exceeded 1.14M and she is one of the most renowned ASMR artists on Patreon. Other than that, her followers on Twitter and Facebook account have exceeded 14k on each platform.

Karuna Satori got married to the love of her life Victor Toth. Karuna Satori’s story does not end here. Her married life had few rough patches following the death of her father, but she gradually collected herself and today she and her husband both are successful members of the YouTube ASMR community. Her love and care for humanity have created endless ripples. According to a source, her yearly earnings ranged from $23K-$363K with a total estimated Net Worth of $1 Million. Currently, she is living a happily married and successful life with her two adorable children Satori and Odin. She and her husband managed to make a luxurious living through the platform of endorsements, advertising, and numerous online ASMR ventures.

To know more about Karuna Satori and benefit yourself from her ASMR videos you can subscribe to her YouTube Channel, namely, Karuna Satori ASMR. You can even follow her Twitter page @KSASMROFFICIAL or her Instagram Page @ _karunasatoriasmr. Moreover, to stay tuned to her life events and the latest pictures you can like her Facebook page Karuna Daniel Satori. Other than that, her Pinterest and Patreon id is always open with tips and hacks for her fans @ KarunaSatoriASMR.