Sandro Carosella (@sandrocarosella)

Sandro Carosella (@sandrocarosella)

The fluctuating economy and the general state of affairs of the world and employment have pushed individuals to seek better or more comfortable modes of income and ensuring a lifestyle that suits their needs and requirements. This development has allowed youngsters and individuals to expand their horizons and look towards a future with even more facets and opportunities awaiting them. A common complaint that young people who enter the job market have is that office jobs seem very monotonous and like a dead-end with very little chances of growth and improvement. To tackle this, a lot of people decided to take matters into their own hands and create avenues for themselves so they wouldn’t have to go through something unfavorable.

When one has the dedication and the relevant information to take a stand for a kind of life they want, they follow the progression that entrepreneur Sandro Carosella had. Being a business owner and entrepreneur to have a higher degree of control over his work and life, Carosella knew pretty early on that he wanted to escape the possibility of having a repetitive and boring lifestyle and worked to make it happen for himself. After high school, Carosella decided on not pursuing a higher education and substituted getting acquainted for his desired field with diving into it headfirst. A businessman, entrepreneur, CEO, you name it, and he wanted to be it.

Carosella didn’t go into it blind however, because he was already equipped with the skills of running a business and being tactical and strategic with every move. Currently, he is a day-trader and his company works in monitoring and being up to speed with the concerned markets that Carosella deals in. For clearer insight into how skilled and intelligent Carosella is, one should know what day trading is. Essentially being an extremely quick buying and selling action done by the “day trader” within 24 hours, day traders aim to profit by moving around sums of money in short time frames by conducting varieties of trades to maximize intraday market prices. Within day trading comes using leverage to maximize your returns, but an added risk is amplified losses which any experienced day trader needs to take into account.

When he had learnt the ropes and made a name for himself with day trading, Carosella established his own company called “Live Trading Mentor” which educates people about online currency trading and offers training and mentorship. Live Trading Mentor was Carosella’s brainchild and a means for him to help others attempt to have a chance at becoming day traders or entrepreneurs by learning the basics which he himself is personally very involved with.

For anyone who has some information about day trading or has any interest knows the risks and the benefits of it, which is a nod to Carosella’s intelligence and passion for the craft as he has managed to successfully make a name for himself through his company and hard work. A meticulous entrepreneur and day trader by day, one must be curious as to what Carosella is up to when he isn’t working. To no one’s surprise, he gets up to very regular activities before and after work that only add onto his calculative nature and the need to have everything in order.

With his work being heavily dependent on the market, he wakes up at 6.30, makes himself a coffee along with breakfast to start his day. He also prefers to take a shower to properly wake himself up after the coffee in is system and heads to his office to start a day of hard and stressful work ahead. After work hours, Carosella likes keeping his health on track by going to the gym, and sometimes engaging in sports like squash and tennis with his friends and business partner. The rest of his day normally entails working, meetings and his daily tasks that mostly revolve around his business.

All in all, it can be said with certainty that Sandro Carosella is an immensely skilled and passionate man who has prioritized certain things in life to get to where he is. To keep up with his journey, follow him on his Instagram (@SandroCarosella).