Samuel Agyei

Samuel Agyei

In this age of the internet and the rise of fame via social media, a new set of people have now gained access to the world of stardom and fame. Internet influencers have slowly been taking over the internet using fun new ways to interact and engage with their audiences more interpersonally, creating a better social bond between celebrities and fans. One such individual to break the mould and arise into popularity is a young and determined man at heart, Samuel Agyei – better known by his internet name “@wellington_ddawg” or more simply as Ddawg, as his friends call him.

Currently residing within Canada and an up-and-coming Instagram influencer, Ddawg sports well over fifty thousand followers on his personal Instagram, where he updates his loyal fan base regarding the activities and shenanigans he gets up to in his daily life. Samuel’s posts certainly showcase the celebrity’s affinity to stand out amongst the crowd with his brimming confident personality, which, when paired with his complimentary and fashionable streetwear, only further highlight his compatibility with the celebrity lifestyle.

The man’s natural aura of confidence boosts the air of tenacity and makes him an instantly likeable and approachable individual – quick to catch one’s eye. Add to that the quirky captions behind each of his posts, brimmed with snarky positivity and brash optimism, and you’ve got yourself just the perfect blend of a pleasant and witty individual whom you won’t mind spending an afternoon or two just hanging out with.

Going through Samuel’s Instagram, you’ll quickly notice the young star’s appreciation for an elegant vehicle. But posing with the dashing cars is not all he does. Ambition is yet another trait of the rambunctious young man – what with his trade in the dealership and export of automobiles. Samuel runs another page exclusively for this business (@wellingtons_incorp) and has managed to amass a massive and dedicated following over ten thousand followers there as well, only going further to prove his dedication to his craft.

When Samuel is not busy attending to his automobile business, the young influencer makes sure that he is the life of the party. With an adventurous streak running through his blood, the rising star always takes the time to explore and travel his way through the country, making sure to document the journey so that his fans aren’t missing out on the fun. From flying through Ontario on a helicopter and cruising the oceans with his buddies to exploring aquariums and museums, the young man clearly has an itch for curiosity that he is not afraid to scratch.

His trip to the Royal Ontario Museum is one of the more interesting highlights. Taking his followers through a brief yet intriguing trek through the exhibitions displayed, Samuel doesn’t shy away from showing off his more intellectually inquisitive side to his audience. The museum, made in 1914, is one of the top 10 cultural institutions in North America and home to over 13 million artworks, cultural and historical artefacts, and a dozen of unique art galleries and exhibitions. Samuel’s dedication to the arts only adds to his holistic personality, and his wish for including his fans in his artistic exploits simply adds to his charming persona.

Yet again, we see Samuel’s love for an adventure through his visit to the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, home to over 20,000 aquatic animals. The rising influencer is always sure to immerse his fans into his experiences, too – his passion for finding amusement in the mundane boosting his natural charm. It is no wonder then that with such an avid interest for any folly that he comes across and his commitment to adding his fans in on the fun, Samuel has been steadily climbing the ladder of fame on Instagram.