Sam Kunda (@samkunda16)

Sam Kunda (@samkunda16)

With an increase in channels for teenagers and adults to blow off steam, spend quality time with their friends and themselves, and just enjoy yourself every once in a while, the challenge to exhibit a responsible nature and knowing the delicate balance between work and fun has become all the more difficult. The accessibility of social media and other forms of enjoyment such as gaming consoles, interactive gameplay, clubs, restaurants, malls, have all gone from being places you visit once in a while for errands or special occasions have become regular spots for individuals and their groups of friends, which would naturally make you question whether they have their academic or professional life in control before they pursue leisure activities.

That delicate balance has been mastered by a young man from California and sometimes in Brampton, Ontario, in a way that he is able to enjoy leisure activities and different modes of blowing off steam and enjoying himself without disturbing the peace of his work life. Requiring years of work and patience, Sam Kunda is one to learn from when it comes to optimizing time so you do not end up neglecting one sphere of your life to give time to another. By becoming a master of prioritizing, Kunda is a relaxed fellow who knows how to maintain the balance and he uses his social media to show that.

On Instagram with the handle “Samkunda16”, Kunda appears to be a fan of all types of automobiles such as cars, trucks, bikes, and even lorries. His Instagram, although not a commercial or a boastful undertaking, has a humble following of 597, just 3 followers short of 600, that seems understandable considering his Instagram did not start as a means for him to blog his lifestyle or showcase it by any means. A few pictures on his profile feature a beast of a heavy bike, showy cars such as a Dodge Charger SRT8, a BMW that he expressed would make summers a lot better, a Maserati, and another white BMW that he posed in front of, Kunda is not shy when it comes to expressing his love for cars and automobiles, while the rest of his Instagram houses pictures of him with his friends enjoying some time out in clubs with wads of cash. His most recent Instagram post is a video montage that almost resembles a music video with its luscious set. It shows Kunda and his friends enjoying some time on a yacht and engaging in activities typical of individuals their age with their fields of interest. 

When it comes to working and maintaining his lifestyle, Kunda uses his love and knowledge of all forms of automobiles to help manage his family-owned Auto Repair service in California. However, due to their immense sales and flawless quality of work, Turbo Masters were able to lay down their business at a second location down in Glidden Road in Brampton, Ontario. Being turbo experts, Sam Kunda and his family-owned business specializes in the turbocharger industry ever since its inception. Having first opened their doors to their services in San Marcos Blvd. in California, Sam’s relative Amer Kunda was the brains behind Turbo Masters and the business has been able to propel itself while maintaining a good rapport with their regular customers who avail their services.

Kunda’s family business is involved in automobile repair and parts, where they even work with heavy duty diesel trucks, but otherwise have a mastery over all kinds of automobiles. In Canada, they have been able to successfully deliver any requested car parts in 24 hours and have a brilliant, spotless reputation among their clients. Restoration is another service they provide and they do not back away from any kind of vehicle, including maintenance and replacements of any parts at their own fee.

Sam Kunda’s passion for cars and his dedication to helping others maintain their own vehicles is a perfect environment for him given his own preferences. Follow Sam or his family’s business Turbo Masters on Instagram (@turbo_masters) to show support!