Sam Bull (@samm_bull__)

Sam Bull (@samm_bull__)

Nowadays everyone wants to be their own boss, with no obligation to answer to anyone else. People desire flexibility and the comfort of working at their own pace, which is why so many hopefuls turn to starting businesses and becoming entrepreneurs, some from the confines of their home, while others partner up or use their personal funds to start larger ones. One look at statistics would show the different kinds of businesses people started, from cooking to crafts, fitness to beauty, consulting to marketing; anything goes! Comfortable as it might be, businesses are still high-risk games that are essentially gambles, the results of which are never certain. Failure or success is never linear, with a lot of perseverance, hard work, learning, and determination required.

A huge part of what helps businesses take flight are the people who guide business owners and invest in their idea, in the mindset, the vision, and the prospect. It is another side of the coin, where people have to put their trust in a business idea, invest time and money to help it take off, and one such individual is Sam Bull. A business owner and CEO himself, Sam is also a skilled and extremely successful investor, who has a plethora of skills to add to his reasons for success, and the reason people trust him in the industry.

Being the Commercial Director of Exit Brokers, Sam has proven with his time in his field with his experience that boasts his skills, that he knows how to see prospects in a business. With his job description basically being to accelerate growth through strategy while keeping a company’s goals in mind, he has cracked the code to success and helped others achieve it too.

His company, Samuel’s Group LTD, as of 2021 are sole investors in an online retailers sportswear and performance brand, while previously being stakeholders in a big group named IPM Group Limited that are Construction and Facilities providers in the South East. Additionally, he has been an investor in many companies since 2015, accompanied by his successful entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector in the UK.

There are many testimonials on Sam’s LinkedIn profile, where many people vouched for his skills and his expertise, alongside complimenting his stellar character and personality. “Anyone looking to start up their own business and build their dreams should definitely speak with Sam and the team before anyone else,” said a client Sam worked with, within 2019.

People who are driven by success are always backed by loving supporters who serve as the reason they work so hard, and such is the case with Sam. Aside from the clients, Sam worked with who sing his praises, he has 3 beautiful children named Ava, Hudson, and Sonny with his equally as beautiful wife Hanna, who he routinely features on his Instagram profile (@sam_bull__). Being a family man who adores his wife and kids, whilst also working tremendously hard for his business and the multitude of companies it invests in and advises, Sam’s work ethic and dedication knows no bounds, which is time and time again reinforced by the great success his clients are met with.

In the same way that Sam helps other businesses flourish and thrive, he builds confidence and loyalty with the people he works with, and in this dog-eat-dog world, that trait of his has only added to why people put their faith in him.