Saleemah Knight (@Saleemaheknight)

Saleemah Knight (@Saleemaheknight)

Learning to dance may be simple if an eminent choreographer is instructing you, but few people consider how difficult it would be for a choreographer to compose the entire dance, choose the songs, teach the moves, make students follow the beats, and maintain the expressions, work on their pace, and take the entire.

Choreography is never an easy job. It’s a lot trickier than it seems. You must put in a lot of effort, perseverance, creativity, physical stamina, teamwork, leadership ability, and athleticism to become a competent choreographer. Nobody becomes a dancer or choro just by fantasizing about it. It demands executive decision-making as well as a flexible timeline. Saleeemah, choro and professional dancer, is one such woman who overcome difficulties to become a superb dancer and choreographer. She is a hybrid dancer that understands and teaches a variety of dance styles such as ballet, hip hop, tango, contemporary dance, tap, and jazz.

She couldn’t walk properly until she was two years old. As a result, her mother, a former dancer, enrolled her in a dancing school in the hopes that movement would heal her joints and allow her to walk. To say the least, it worked, and she’s been dancing ever since. Her first breakthrough in life occurred when she was 12 years old.

It was an audition for Donald Byrd, the famed concert dance choreographer, at The Harlem Nutcracker, which was slated to premiere at ASU’s Gammage Auditorium. Because the program was on a global scale, this chance catapulted her career.

At the age of 18, she auditioned for Dorothy Day Otis (DDO) Artists Agency, one of the best dance agencies at the time, which qualified her for high-caliber commercial gigs with big directors, producers, and recording artists in the entertainment business. Later, she auditioned for The University of Arizona’s (U of A) “Jazz in AZ” dance exhibition and master class series, which was hosted by The University of Arizona School of Dance in the United States. She developed as a professional choreographer, dance artist, and master teacher at Go 2 Talent Agency in Los Angeles, where she currently teaches dance and choreographs stage dances for contests, auditions, and musical evenings after finishing her degree.

Throughout her career as a dancer, she was given several opportunities to participate at various events, including The Lion King, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and The Billboard Music Awards.

She is frequently requested as a guest master teacher and special guest judge for internationally known dance conventions and events such as Tremaine Dance Conventions, Radix Dance Convention, and conventions owned by Break the Floor Productions such as NUVO, 24Seven Dance, JUMP, Dancerpalooza, and The Dance Awards, in addition to her work as a professor at USC Kaufman School of Dance.

In January 2020, she was invited to be a guest master instructor at the DAR Jazz Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, organized by the Dance Academy of Russia.
Saleemah is also a model and entrepreneur in addition to being a dancer and choro. She has her own apparel line, Shopsaleemah. Her brand encompasses men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, cosmetic goods, children’s ensembles, and pre-owned materials. It contains western and oriental clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, scarves, sleepwear, coats, and much more. Her business provides excellent customer service and sells products at reasonable prices.

Saleemah E. Knight is a vibrant visionary who is utilizing her voice to leave a lasting impression on future generations. There isn’t much Saleemah doesn’t do, between master classes, choreography, university/professional career Q&As, and presenting as a dance specialist for TV and movies. She has a fan following of 66.4k on Instagram and more than 2000 people on Facebook.