S Boog (@shellboog)

‘No matter what anybody else says, never give up if it’s in your gut and spirit; there is no worldly property that can stand between you and your passion.’ Shell Boog’s life is the icon of fighting hardships, learning difficulties, and achieving goals. She is a musician and videographer from Philadelphia who has made music since 12. Because she enjoys it so much, it has become a way of life. She has written different types of music for her 15.8k followers on Instagram (user-id @shellboog). She has also been inside a rock group, performed hip hop, and sang R&B on different social media accounts like Spotify and Sound Cloud. It was never simple for her to get to where she is now in life; everything was difficult, but it shaped her into the person she is today. You make mistakes and learn from them; that is life. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and follow Shell Boog for learning how to overcome failures.

Shell Boog is her brand, which she started in 2018 after coming out as openly homosexual. A yea instead, who performs six musical devices, has given her a perfect musical foundation. She has always been creatively sound and very well, and it comes naturally to her to create amazing music. She claimed to do it by the nickname Vixion Allure; however, since stepping; however, the public in October 2017, she has reinvented herself as an LGBT musician. She was indeed the lead vocalist in the band Disturbing Daisy…. for four years, till her mother died suddenly.

Shellboog was born on August 24, 1989, and has had a difficult upbringing since her mother died. She was constantly in and out of foster families, and she understood she had to figure out how to live independently. She desired independence from the crowd and excelled respecting her mother’s name.  She nowadays owns four companies, is a radio host, a musician, an audio engineer, and a videographer. S Boog is a God-fearing, hardworking, good-hearted, and kind personality who you should follow.

Shell Boog is a Philadelphia-based Hip Hop/R&B performer. She now has a single out called “Roll Wit Me,” which has a Drill Rap Club feel to it and was created by CZR Beats, which previously produced Mannequin off Pop Smoke’s album “Meet the Woo 2.” Her ambition is to work as an A&R in the music industry, assisting other musicians like herself. Alongside her production firm, S Boog Productions, she is actively developing a platform to showcase local artists and help them obtain prominence. When she published “Romeo” as her album on her birthday, she was delighted. She put the theater from streaming revenue back into her music company and kept recording and producing bangers.  She achieves everything she wants, so follow S Boog for more motivation.

S Boog knows the meaning of bravery as the bravest thing someone can do is think for oneself a loud. She always does something that she thinks resurrects and is never be afraid of any gossip. S Boog lives like a guy, and she believes that when you are successful, your character will become a style for society. After criticism, she made herself an icon for others. Follow S Boog if you want to know how to create trendy styles by yourself.

When someone has a dream, they should grab it and never let it go. It’s the same in Shell Boog’s condition. When someone asked about her future and where she will stand after five years, she said, “I picture myself as a millionaire in five years, providing employment to ex-convicts and giving them to some less fortunate as an A&R for a big record company, identifying the potential of individuals who truly deserve it.” If you also have big dreams be a part of S Boog’s community and fulfill your dreams.