Ryann Murphy

Ryann Murphy

When it comes to modelling, the common perception is that it is an easy job. However, what a lot of people don’t know about modelling is how gruelling and time-consuming it is. Behind the beautiful photographs and visuals that are the end products, there are day-long shoots and preparations. Everyone in the modelling industry works extremely hard. One such model is Ryann Murphy. Ryann is an American actress and model who was born in New York City but raised in Tokyo, Japan. She is now a successful actress who has appeared on huge television shows such as the Battle of the Fittest Couples, The Vampire Diaries, Lucifer, Timeless and Body of Proof. She has also been a part of multiple music videos including “Think I’m Crazy” by Two Feet and “Popstar” by DJ Khalid and Drake.

For Ryann, it hasn’t been easy. When she had moved to Tokyo initially, she didn’t know any Japanese. It was a completely new environment for her but she allowed herself to be challenged by it rather than be intimidated. She now looks at those memories as fondly and even gratefully that she had learnt so much from it. It was through that experience, that she had the opportunity to travel, live in a completely new culture and learn new languages as well. Ryann has taken these lessons from her childhood into her present life where she tries to immerse herself in as many new cultures that she can. Living in Tokyo also allowed her to model internationally as a child which she used as a learning experience.

For Ryann, modelling and acting have always been the thing she has always know she wanted to do. Aside from those, she has always also wanted to be a doctor! As an adult, Ryann is completing all of her childhood dreams. She ended up studying at UCLA where she was getting her degree in psychology. She used that chance to take as many medicine courses that were available so she could learn more.

Ryann loves modelling because she gets to travel to so many new places, meet new people and being engaged in creative work all the time. She particularly enjoys her work when she is working on a project where she is constantly surrounded by people who are as passionate about their work as she is. She also loves that she frequently gets the opportunity to do them for a good cause, where she gets to contribute to someone else’s wellbeing.

However, modelling is not easy. For Ryann, the hardest part about modelling is how other people’s opinions on how she looks and how they think she should look get to her. She tries very hard to make sure that she is okay with however she looks and it requires a lot of hard work and practice to do so. She also knows that this is a problem surrounding the whole industry and hopes to help other girls going through this.

Aside from modelling, Ryann loves acting and singing. She is currently trying to delve deeper into the world of acting and also continue working on her projects with children with special needs.

To relax and spend time outside of studying and working, Ryann engages in a lot of volunteering, exercising, travelling and spending quality time with her friends, family and her cat, Lulu. She particularly loves volunteering with children with special needs and also animals at Apollo’s Arc animal rescue centre. Ryann’s mother started the institute and she loves to spend time engaging with the animals there. She also loves physical exercise and working out. She loves activities such as hiking, yoga and sports.

One can keep up with all Ryann does by following her on her Instagram account at the handle @itsryannmurphy.