Ronald James (@ronaldjames)

Ronald James (@ronaldjames)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, who is a French humanist photographer, once said, “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart, and head.” Photography is one of those forms of art that is often neglected despite it agitating countless amounts of revolutions. We usually feel reluctant to choose photography as a promising career either because we do not consider it a good source of earning or weigh it is not a decent job. However, we often tend to overlook how it is the photographs that make us feel something, whether it is after looking at a photo of a sunrise or a picture that displays racism. We are always gazing at images. Photographers are often neglected, and thus they are the individuals we should talk about. They are the people who go through so much just to pursue their dream. One of those photographers is Ronald James.

Ronald James was born in New York City to a Honduran mother and an Italian father. However, he was raised in Milan while being surrounded by a profusion of photography and fashion. From a very young age, he spent several years running around the sets of some of the most well-known photographers such as Herb Ritts, Chris von Wagenheim, and Bruce Weber. However, he never contemplated photography as a professional career path in the beginning. It was not until he explored various other professions that he realized something was not right. He always felt like he was not being true to himself as he never felt comfortable in all those roles. After going through a turbulent and intense journey throughout Asia, he found himself only finding comfort while taking photos. It was then when he ultimately decided to return to his roots and make a career out of his true passion- photography. He was highly inspired by artists like Ron Ferri and Joe Eula, who helped Ronald in polishing his recognizable love for photography.

Nothing in life comes easy, and Ronald understood this better than anyone else. This is why whenever life tossed impediments at him, he overcame them because he knew that as long as he has his camera by his side, he can endure any storm that comes in his way. Where there is Ronald James, there is a way. To people who are genuinely passionate about their work, getting appreciation for it and opportunities to grow and improve as both an artist and as an individual is a gratifying experience. Due to Ronald’s nature of always going the extra mile, he was able to establish with his beloved wife, Aksinia. Not only that, but he is also a consistent contributor to numerous global editions of Marie Claire, Complot, Harper’s Bazaar, Modern Lady, and Elite.

To put himself further out there so that people all around the world can discover him, he actively posts on his Instagram, whose handle is @ronaldjames. Ronald James maintains a good balance of photographs between displaying his majestic talent and empathetic personal photos. To give his fans a scoop into his life, he posts the most adorable pictures of his family, especially his dog. Perhaps it is the perfect fusion of work and personal photos that he has more than a thousand followers, and this number keeps on rising just like his popularity.

“Your focus determines your reality.” This has been a Ronald James quote to live by every day and night. There is not even a single doubt that he has truly breathed these words in his behavior, in his photographs, and in his life. As an artist who always knew that his place was behind the camera to spread emotions and conversations amongst crowds of individuals, he has remained focused on his goals and has really seen all the way to the end of the tunnel. The best part of it all is that Ronald’s story of becoming a successful photographer hasn’t ended there are so many pages left to be filled with new endeavors he takes.