Roger Morgan

Roger Morgan

Social media has become a growing form of entertainment for our newer generation. Alongside the growth of social media and the rise of global connectivity through the internet, people’s focus on entertainment is slowly being divided between the internet and television. This gives an opportunity to the people to create their own methods of making a living. A big section of this entertainment form is content creation, especially video-making on platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok. Tik Tok especially is a big trend these days. But we all know that the trendier something is, the more difficult it is to stand out. Hence, the competition increases. In such a competitive environment, creating videos that stand out and have a unique touch is very impressive. It is also a massive feat to gain a considerable following because of it.

One such content creator who has excelled at what he does by making and releasing unique videos on Tik Tok is Roger Morgan from Scotland. Roger started creating content on Tik Tok and because of his quirky and unique style, quickly started gaining traction. Being a person who is not only effortlessly humorous, unique, and creative, but also kind-hearted and socially aware, Roger gained attention for his funny yet balanced humor rather quickly. Over the matter of a few months, he gained thousands of followers who looked forward to his content and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Roger is an avid football fan and is a supporter of the team Arsenal. He updates his social media including his Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter regarding his latest interests and his team’s matches. He also supports the Scottish team Rangers and hypes his country’s team of his platform to the fullest. He has been a strong supporter of the Rangers since he was a schoolboy. He keeps his followers updated with his photos as a child and as a growing teen. Football is a popular interest of many young boys. It is an attractive sport that is addictive to follow and watch, and even better to play. It is a sport that is widely loved.

Other than sports, Roger is a car enthusiast. He is an owner of the powerful and iconic supercar Nissan GTR. Described as a supercar that one can drive every day, the GTR is one of the fastest cars with an extremely powerful engine. Among car enthusiasts, it is known to be a prized possession. And this is a possession that Roger is a proud owner of. During the process of purchasing it, he documented every moment as it was extremely memorable for him. This is Roger’s dream car. Through his Tik Tok videos and Instagram, Roger often takes his viewers and followers on beautiful countryside journeys in his car. He records gorgeous-looking sceneries. One can definitely conclude that Roger is not only a car enthusiast but also a person who enjoys traveling very much.

Roger may seem like a carefree and easygoing person, but in reality, he is a father to a beautiful little girl whom he cherishes with all his heart. He raises her himself and makes sure she has the most wonderful childhood he can give her. Fatherhood is a beautiful relationship, and Roger acknowledges and takes full responsibility for it. He is a firm believer in the fact that a child only gets one childhood, and it is up to the parents to make it memorable.

Through his work, Roger has gathered a whopping 125k followers on his Tik Tok account who regularly interact with him. He is also an advocate of mental health and tries to guide everyone who approaches him towards the right kind of help. He is a genuinely kind person who wants to make a difference with his content and videos, and we look forward to what he has for us in the future.