Robin Novaku (@robinnovaku)

Robin Novaku (@robinnovaku)

A popular DJ, producer, and composer, Robin Novaku was born in August 1995 into an Albanian family. His family soon moved to Modena Italy, which is where Robin Novaku grew up.

At a very young age, Robin had a strong inclination to music. His parents recognized his skill and nurtured it in the best possible way. He was enrolled in a school where he studied music, specifically the piano and the guitar. His music career finally kick-started in the year 2017, when he became an independent record producer.

Robin Novaku had a strong sense of music and could entertain a large number of people with his beats and sound. In the year 2018, he decided to dedicate his time to being a DJ artist, which he succeeded at.

Robin Novaku had a breakthrough in the field of singing and creating music with the release of his first single, called ‘Stranger Love’ on the Holland record label Atlast Records. His music was met with a huge amount of appreciation globally, with over a million streams on Spotify alone. The song was particularly popular in Germany, where it had gotten viral in a very short period.

The success of his first song encouraged Robin Novaku to release a second single, which was titled ‘Work For You’. The song was made in collaboration with Max Landry. It was well-received by the audience and the young singer and songwriter gained immense support and praise from the radio as well as from producers internationally. Pretty soon, Robin had the opportunity to work with an Australian record company called Teamwork Records. He created the song called ‘Talk’ in collaboration with Joe Busse with the Australian record company. In the same year, Robin Novak released two more songs called ‘Hey’ and ‘Please Don’t Go’ in August and December respectively. The song ‘Please Don’t Go’ was released in collaboration with the American producer Jonas Wak on Sony Music Italy. The song was a huge success and made it to the Italian top ten charts on iTunes.

In the year 2020, he collaborated with Jonas Wak once again for his new song called ‘Hold On. The song has a light soundscape with a strong indie vibe, coupled with warm vocals. The popularity of Robin Novak’s sound, music, and strong vocals does not come as a surprise, with his feel-good organically resonant mixes.

Alongside a successful career in singing, Robin Novaku has also made a mark as an entrepreneur. In the year 2021, he founded Novaku Company in Tirana and Albania. The company aims to work in the business of music.

Robin Novaku has a strong social media presence, with over 48 thousand followers on Instagram. He regularly posts pictures and videos, keeping all of his followers in the loop. He keeps his fans informed of his latest endeavors, accomplishments, and musical releases. He was also interviewed by City Radio Albania, where he talked endlessly about how he started producing music and who he was inspired by. The interview also elaborates on his future projects and what obstacles he has faced during his music career.

If you want to keep your eyes on the upcoming young talent in the field of music, you must watch out for this Albanian artist. He has his goal set on creating ripples in the music scene and given his success so far, he is on his way to becoming an accomplished EDM Pop producer, songwriter, and composer! His songs can be heard on Spotify and iTunes. The young Albanian artist can also be followed on the popular social media site Instagram as @robinnovaku and Facebook and Twitter [email protected] Robin Novaku. With his work, Robin Novaku tries to inspire people. He serves as an example to young aspiring artists, encouraging them to live their dream and pursue music.