Rigormortiz (@rigormortiz.music)

Rigormortiz (@rigormortiz.music)

In the hustle and bustle of London, hopefuls decide every single day that they want to utilize their talents and make something out of their passion to bring their art to other people, whilst also realizing their full potential. This art can be seen in many shapes and forms, but music proves to be one of the most dominant forces in the market given its increased accessibility thanks to the Internet and the kind of connectivity it has allowed for. Hoping to make waves in the densely populated music scene, Zimbabwe-born Arnold Raphael is one of those hopefuls, but his journey and inspiration that allowed him to make the impressive progress that he has does not dull next to his success.

Going by Rigormortiz professionally, Arnold was first exposed to the world of music and production as a child in a church-going family, particularly through his upbringing being primarily by his grandmother. Church choirs, voices singing in harmony in the calming environment of the church allowed Arnold to fully absorb what he was aurally experiencing, and that lit the flame that would burn bigger to make music his passion. Beat making transitioned from passion projects and a way to pass time into a full-blown career, but it was the initial encouragement and support he got from friends, family, and even his neighbors, that really convinced Arnold to take the plunge into becoming Rigormortiz. The potential of his art not going unnoticed by loved ones and other professionals and artists alike allowed a hobby to soon blossom into work after people paid money to buy Arnold’s beats.

Stepping into the field in 2015 was as gratifying as it was daunting, as the challenges that came with being an unsigned and independent artist were by no means easy to face. Arnold started with odd jobs to help fund his projects, while also producing and selling his beats that had growing popularity and supporters. His drive to succeed and make his dreams a reality were evident from the very beginning, and all his hard work came to fruition in 2019, on the 8th of November, with the release of his debut song titled The Real One. His lyrical genius and honed skill to produce addictive beats certainly did not fail him, as his career as an independent artist had officially begun, but not as a beatmaker selling his work, but as one utilizing his own skill to create his own music with the assurity that none of the potential his beats held were going to waste.

Rigormortiz was not one to back down after his inception into the market and worked with several international artists to curate an album that combined aspects of different musical cultures and styles. This garnered enough reasons to grant him the nickname ‘The Kameleon’, proving his versatility and ability to work with all kinds of music without being bound as an artist. The Rigormortiz Project – Part 1, in the beginning of 2021, let the world feast their ears to the embodiment of Arnold’s passion and itch to bring his art to others, and it certainly did the job. Released on all major music streaming sites, Arnold’s YouTube channel has garnered a whopping 2 million-plus views! If that wasn’t impressive enough, the British artist has even been noticed by Forbes Magazine and US Times Now!

Arnold’s journey is inspiring and a testament to hard work being the sole driver of success. He proves by the day that being true to yourself and your message, enjoying your craft while appreciating all forms of support is truly the set of ingredients one needs to move forward in such a saturated industry.