Richard Price (@richard_price2)

Richard Price (@richard_price2)

Richard Price is a British actor born in West Midlands, U.K. He has been acting since he was really young. Although he is known for his eccentric roles in Doctor Who and Morbius, Richard’s performances spread wider than the television screen. He has not only been in T.V. and Film blockbusters; he was also part of the Disney Parade in Disneyland Paris for five seasons. Richard also had the opportunity to perform at the British Tradition of Professional Pantomime four times in the U.K. He is currently 40 years old with a net worth of USD 2 Million and a knack for acting skills that aren’t going anywhere.

Richard comes from a family as far from theatre and performance as the north and south poles. However, that didn’t deter Price and further motivated him to explore the waters of the acting world. He found out that besides his family’s disinterest in acting, his school’s career counselors didn’t help with his knack for theatre. So, Richard set out alone on this venture to perform to his heart’s content and make a name for himself.

Richard’s learning came from his experience working on theatre gigs, being on set, and working with talented individuals. Luckily for him, Richard didn’t need to attend film school or theatre classes to be a good actor. He had a natural calling for his talent, which led him to the big screens in no time.

One of Richard’s most popular work experiences includes working as Judoon on Doctor Who, who was a special E.T. character in the science fiction show. According to Richard, playing the part of the monster character Judoon was easy for him due to his prior experience working with Disneyland as a character and understanding the nitty-gritty of characterization, handling a character through a restrictive costume, and aligning your movement with the personality of the character. He believes that without his experience at Disneyland, he would not have been able to snag the role of Judoon and do an outstanding job of portraying the character with the right amount of fierceness and eccentricity.

Richard Price can also be seen in the much-revered Netflix T.V. show Peaky Blinders, where he played short roles like a gang member from the Peaky gang and a boxing guest. Landing different roles in the same show have definitely made a difference in Richard’s work-life and has enabled him to explore different characters and learn from his experience.

Apart from these shows, Richard Price was also seen in Sister Boniface Mysteries, Father Brown, Doctors, The Canterville Ghost, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. As you can see, Richard has been part of one of the most popular T.V. series and movie franchises globally, which builds up his credibility as an actor and allows him to explore similar roles in upscale productions. Richard has been working since 2000, and his 20+ years-long career in Hollywood is just getting better with new releases.

Richard can be found on social media through his Instagram account, which goes by @richard_price2, and his Twitter account with the handle @richard_price2. Richard has a verified Twitter account, so finding him shouldn’t be very hard. His Instagram account currently has 2000+ posts with 2700+ followers, whereas his Twitter account has 5000+ followers. He mainly uses his Twitter account to post his work projects, including new releases of Doctor Who and Cinderella. At the same time, his Instagram account has pictures of him with his family and friends and promotional posts related to work. One can get a good idea of Richard’s outgoing nature by going through his Instagram account. If you haven’t already checked it out, you should do it right now.