Rich Kids of London (@richkidslondon)

Most children’s favorite past time during their younger years was watching television for the huge variety of cartoons that were screened every single day. One cartoon people might be able to recall was Richie Rich which left a lot of viewers wondering whether such luxury and comfort even existed. Having everything on the tip of your fingers, accessibility to the world with a snap of your finger, and wondering whether this was a stretch of the imagination or inspired from the riches of real life. Well, people might be surprised to know that Richie Rich might not have been a far-fetched cartoon that was created in a studio, but very much inspired from the kind of riches that exist in the world.

Existing works of television like Crazy Rich Asians, Bling Empire, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians destroyed the notions that the kind of extravagance that is seen in such shows is simply a figment of a writer’s imagination, so one shouldn’t be surprised to know that there are non-celebrities who have access to this wealth as well. In fact, Instagram account “Rich Kids of London” (@richkidslondon) goes to prove just how much luxury and glitz is hidden in the UK’s capital.

Partying it up in posh locations such as Kensington Roof Gardens, Anabelle’s, Raffles, and Mahiki, these cliques of London’s most affluent and opulent are often seen here when they aren’t country hopping in their own chartered jets while on vacation. Not only does Rich Kids of London feature these immensely exclusive individuals as they showcase their wealth. Wads of cash, gold-plated cars, jets, extensive wardrobes, exotic travel locations, stunning mansions and estates are nothing out of the ordinary for these individuals as they uninhibitedly show it off to the massive 1.7 million audience their platform has amassed over the years.

Rich Kids of London has grown from a page that simply boasts the luxury that the contributors of the page enjoy to a carefully curated platform that enjoys, celebrates and motivates its audience. Although some harsh words are sprinkled in comments, they do not outweigh the overflowing positive comments that appreciate the exclusive individuals of London. The variety of content displayed on the page has allowed it to become anything from an account through which you can live vicariously through to an account for fashion inspiration, car inspiration, travel destinations, and much more! They are certainly no strangers to destinations like Dubai, Bora Bora, Mykonos, Paris, Cancun, Bahamas, Rome, and the list ceases to stop.

Although the brain behind this account has chosen to stay anonymous all throughout the 5 years Rich Kids of London has existed, but his reasons to create it were surprisingly uplifting (much to the disappointment of critics of his platform). Coming from a relatively modest background, the creator of Rich Kids of London admitted that his parents worked unimaginably hard to provide a comfortable lifestyle which also allowed him to attend a private school, and seeing their hard work is what made him appreciate the wealth of other people which is also hard earned.

Rich Kids of London has also proved to be useful in aspects other than aesthetic and visual pleasure since branching out into helping a niche crowd find luxury and exclusive housing in the United Kingdom. Surely, this comes from the mastermind curator who became acquainted with these elites by working as a property dealer for chic off-market property in London. Having its own Instagram page (@superluxuryhome) that caters to people looking for high-end and spectacular works of architecture all over Great Britain, the page has helped these elite, “untouchables” of the UK their own homes that are up to the standard of splendor they desire. Apart from luxury homes, a similar account for luxury car rental is also linked to Rich Kids of London.

Follow up on the elites of London on their Instagram (@richkidslondon) for unmatched travel and fashion inspiration and more!