RICH FINESSER (@rich.gatess)

Rich Finesser (@rich.gatess)

Rich Finesser, who goes by the username @rich.gatess on Instagram, is a renowned internet personality from Jamaica, currently living in Miami. He has quite a profile on Instagram with a whopping 37000 followers and just 21 posts. His posts mainly contain pictures of himself, his friends, and great cars that are probably a part of his car club called Speed Mob Family. If there are anything Rich loves as much as music, it’s his cars. He loves making videos on Tiktok with his cars. One of these videos is also featured on his Instagram account. He is also seen next to popular musicians, namely @ad_dagreat, lilbaby, Mike Smiff, and BABYOSAMA. He was also seen at the premiere of the Back Outside tour by Lilbaby right next to him.

Rich’s car club is also based in Miami, Florida. It mainly comprises Miami citizens who love collecting cars and posting about their endeavors on the road with their cars. They have their own Instagram page, which goes by the username @speed_mob_family, and a YouTube channel named Speed Mob Family Car Club. Their videos include their interactions with the general public as well as their personal interactions within the group.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rich’s personality revolves around cars. There’s so much you can learn about him and his personality through his choice of cars. For example, this image shows him with a pitch-black car that has a graffiti pattern with bright colors like orange, yellow and blue. If one looks closely, one will find different faces painted into the graffiti and a clown face painted in blue on the car’s bonnet. The yellow and orange colors signify explosions and fires within the painting, so it can be taken to mean that Rich tried to portray the doom and gloom of certain personalities through this creative, artistic expression on his car. What’s even better is a blue LED light highlighting the structure of his car when turned on. This accessory really gives a dark and sinister vibe to his car, which perfectly matches this costume.

As some users might recognize, this costume is from the movie Purge, and Rich is playing a character out to purge at night. His prop gun makes his character seem even more real alongside his really cool yet dark vehicle. Another thing to note is that he also has his Instagram handle printed on his car window, offering free publicity for his account.

For the public that follows him and his endeavors with this car club, it is common knowledge that it’s not just Rich’s cars’ exteriors that get a groovy makeover. It’s also the interiors. In one of his posts on his Instagram account, he is seen inside his altered car, which has a beautiful rusty-pink interior coupled with black highlights. However, the noteworthy feature isn’t the color; it’s his car’s roof that has a starry design with white sprinkles over a black background giving it a cool and glimmery look.

If his cars and costumes are any signifiers of his personal artistic capabilities and taste, we must say that Rich Finesser is a highly creative and expressive individual who is confident in his skin and loves to explore. His outgoing nature is also why he’s so popular amongst many hip-hop artists in Florida and basically friends with them. If you’re not already following Rich Finesser on social media, you should definitely follow him on Instagram and Tiktok, where his username is @rich.gatess. You can also check out his car club’s Youtube channel, which goes by the name of Speed Mob Family Car Club.