Reza Dehshid (@dehshidandco)

Reza Dehshid (@dehshidandco)

Just like doctors that cater to your health and well-being, financial advisors cater to your capital health and maximizing your savings.

Mohammad Reza Dehshid is an accountant. He is the owner of Dehshid & Co Accountants company which was established around 16 years ago. Deshsid & Co is certified by IPA, AIA, aat, and ifa.

Dehshid & Co. consists of skilled, experienced, and qualified accountants. Each of these members also have specialized in a particular business sector. Thus, the services provided by Dehshid and Co are well up to date with the latest developments.

Mohammad Reza is from the Iranian community who lives and operates in London UK. The Iranian community trusts and considers Reza as a very knowledgeable person who can help them with their financial advice, financial information, and financial support through making informative videos.

These videos are posted on Instagram as Dehshid believes this social media platform is most available to the Iranian community. His videos are mostly in Farsi but you can find them with an English version as well as with subtitles.

 The global pandemic of 2020 has affected many businesses but you don’t need to worry as Dehshid and co is there to help you. Dehshid and Co offers consultancy 35% off for NHS workers as an appreciation for the work they are doing in Corona.

Getting accountancy consultants that give good advice at low rates is really difficult but at Dehshid & Co they provide free no-obligation consultancy to benefit their clients

The facilities Dehshid & co offers are Independent examination, accountancy consultancy, management consultancy tax & VAT planning, HM revenue investigations, International business, management, project financing, tax planning and expansion, company formation, secretarial services, business recovery, payroll & CIS return services, residential mortgages, commercial loans, housing benefit, work tax credit, and child tax credit.

Mr. Reza Dehshid had an interview with Me and You Network where he shared his new methods with traditional methods to help businesses work better and be more successful in the market.

There are many videos that can be found on their Instagram page and on their websites that have detailed information on running a safe and successful business.

He shares new opportunities offered by the government. One of these opportunities were kickstart where the government offers funds to employers so they encourage youth employment particularly from age 16-24. He also shared upcoming great opportunities for property buyers.

The advice offered by Dehshid & Co consists of practical methods which are tested and tried so their clients don’t have to suffer any loss instead it offers them great success.

You can also find videos on app securities where Reza introduces different ways of dealing with virtual taxpayers and how you can save your capital. Moreover, he has advice for fast food businesses on takeaways as well. He has also shared videos on getting loans with a very reasonable interest rate.

You can find his advice on investment decisions as well. For instance, he provided information on investing in gold markets and how there is tax redemption on gold.

He also shares certain techniques you can use in your resume during the times of the pandemic which would help employees get jobs easily.

You can also visit his page on where you can find videos about how to register for a business in the UK while being in Iran, how to start a business in the UK, how to save more, etc.

Dehshid & Co even provides guidance on how to convert websites such as their own website and websites related to the government.

They also upload videos on their website so people that are not on Instagram can watch and learn from their website. There are also many blogs on his page related to loans, tax, and investment guidance.

If you want to gain more information on any of these services make sure you visit their Instagram page @dehshidandco or visit their website