Renee Carlino (@reneecarlino1)

Renee Carlino (@reneecarlino1)

Writers are no less than artists who transform their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and messages into fascinating and catchy stories. They play with words and characters to portray what they had been going through, their observations about people and the world, and the message they want to convey to their readers. Reena Carlino is also one of those well-versed writers who takes her readers to an imaginary world through her way of writing. She has been the USA best-selling novelist in recent times. Reena has published more than 10 best-selling novels in the genre of love, romance, women’s fiction, and drama. Her reads include sweet thing, sweet little thing, nowhere but here, after the rain, before we were strangers, swear on this life, Lucian divine, wish you were here, shopping for love, blind kiss, the last post, and you’re infuriating, I love you.

 She was born in a small town of Southern California, the United States of America where she lived for beaucoup years and currently, she is living in a beach town in San Diego. She is married and is the mother of two young boys. Since Renne is a travel enthusiast, she has visited many cities of the USA entailing New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles(LA).

 Her interest in writing grew when she read a lot in her leisure time and wrote poems and proses. Henceforth, she came to know she wanted to be an author but for once, she gave a try to filming as well. No sooner did she receive a film degree in 2002, she started portraying her thoughts through movies, pictures, and film. But, in no time, she realized that it was never the camera through which she can depict her story well, it was always paper and pen.

Renne started writing at a very young age. At first, she wrote poetries and short stories but with time she started writing long prose and verses too. Her intense interest in writing led her to compose her first-ever fictional book called “Sweet Things’’ which caught a rapid-fire among readers and knocked everyone’s socks off. Since then, all her books have hit the big time.

Moreover, music has played a vital role in Renne’s success. According to her, music is like food which inspires and evokes emotions in her. It is only the music that awakens her inner self and thrives her to pen down her cogitations onto paper. She has also given out her favorite playlist which consists of 22 tracks including Motion Sickness, Forest Green, Cherrybomb, and many other songs alike.

Renne shares a strong connection with her family and her pet dog. She is always concerned about her sons’ education and social life. Being a mother, she investigates what is going on in her sons’ life, at what aspect of life do they lack behind, and how well-behaved and socially interactive they are. 

Her fan following on Instagram has exceeded 11k followers, 1300 on Facebook, 5k on Twitter, and 700 on Pinterest. She believes that being socially active has made her more creative and aware of what is going on around her so that she can have a versatile range of topics for her upcoming books. Most of her books are about love and contemporary romance. She says that she likes to place her characters in different settings where she can use the unique qualities of the location to help tell the story. Renne has been rated 5/5 by her followers on social media has also been positively reviewed by her readers. It is no secret that her readers are always desperate for her new release.