Rene Niebuhr (@rene.niebuhr)

Rene Niebuhr (@rene.niebuhr)

Rene Niebuhr is an influencer and marketing professional based in Frankfurt, Germany. He has combined his talent and passion for social media and marketing to deliver amazing content for both his followers and clients. Rene has made a name for himself in Frankfurt as he has been part of some huge deals as a marketing professional. He is also slowly but surely making a name for himself as an influencer and social media personality.

Those interested in Rene’s services as a marketer can find his work and the various services he offers on his website which is He offers a variety of social media bundles. These bundles are well-made and geared to get you and your content maximum engagement. He specializes in social media bundles for real estate professionals and businesses. But don’t worry if you have a different type of business as he offers 250 different templates and one of them will surely cater to your needs!

The best thing about using the social media templates he provides is that they are tried and tested to succeed and get more engagement. The templates are also customizable, you can change the color and add your logo and information! The bundles are affordable and you get a variety of price levels to choose from, which ensures there is something for everyone! In case you want to make your social media feed more exciting and inspiring, you can also purchase a bundle of quotes and engaging questions for your feed. Such posts keep your audience engaged and force them to think and feel inspired. You can also purchase templates and posts for posting about new listings and helpful tips for your followers. Rene has designed each template with a lot of thought and care.

He has also ensured that each template is easy to edit as you can edit them with simply one click and make sure it works for your brand. Rene has used his years of experience and knowledge to make these templates and give his clients the ability to boost their social media engagement with minimum effort

Rene’s social media is also very entertaining and inspiring. He currently has a small following of over 500 people but it is surely growing as he puts out some amazing posts. His bio describes him as a marketing and digitizing expert who specializes in real estate as well as building and architect. He has found his niche and excels in it. He has also linked his website in his bio, so he can find new clients.

His Instagram is a place where he shares inspiring and entertaining pictures from his personal life. His very first post talks about his journey and how he went from being a self-centered person to someone who changed his outlook and let go of his negative mindset. In a recent video, he can be seen having a good time in Dubai. In the caption for this post, he talks about how much he enjoys being in Dubai, especially with the people he cares about. In another post, he shared a timelapse of the Burj Khalifa which reflects how his stay in Dubai was luxurious and fun-filled. In another post, he can be seen enjoying some drinks in Cairo, Egypt and he talks about the importance of using one’s money to have memorable experiences, not just to spend on material things. He often shares pictures with his partner and talks about the importance of family and spending quality time with one’s spouse.

Rene is a successful professional in the world of social media marketing. His templates and bundles offer something unique to his clients and make social media marketing easy for them. He is also emerging as a social media influencer himself. His personal story is inspiring and his posts are uplifting and motivational for all his followers. He will surely make a name for himself as an influencer.