Remsha Rani (@remsharani)

Remsha Rani (@remsharani)

The world can sometimes be a very unforgiving place, with people being ostracised and isolated for their opinions, beliefs, culture, ethnicity, the list is basically unending. Racism, hate, bullying, and a plethora of other unkind acts have become so common that people have stopped seeing the wrong in it, and the anxiety that comes with it can be so damaging for any individual who falls in any of the categories that somehow have warranted that kind of behavior. This leaves people afraid and wary to even step out of their own homes, or even on the digital space of the internet, hindering them from sharing updates and expressing their creativity out of fear of a negative response. This negativity became so detrimental to the creativity and creative outlets of content creators, it has made the internet, which is otherwise a zone that is free of judgment, so suffocating and difficult to navigate through. As of recently, a lot of influencers and creators have started taking their spaces back and reclaiming platforms to share their content, daily lives, talents, and any part of their culture they want to document for their online audience.

One creator not exempt from this is Remsha, an influencer of South Asian heritage based in Hong Kong, sharing bits and pieces of her daily life and just using Instagram as her journal, where she immortalizes parts of her life like her interests and hobbies, her modest fashion sense, her favorite celebrity edits, food, and travel. Through a photo-based platform, she shares all the above-mentioned things whilst maintaining a modest style to promote her culture and simply share her life with her audience.

An enjoyer of many things, Remsha creatively navigates her profile to make her content versatile and not repetitive, so as to always keep her followers uncertain of what is to come next. She is a woman of many talents, seen through her TikTok snippets posted on her Instagram, as well as one of the newer things she has picked up – dance. Shuffling, a dance style not everyone can master, Remsha set out to learn from a friend and displayed to her followers flawlessly performing, wearing her trendy chunky sneakers. She is also a collector of pretty footwear, which she often shows in her outfit updates.

She uses her platform to shine a light on her dressing sense as well, showing that modest fashion does not have to be boring and dated. With long coats, dresses, or shirts that she pairs with rolled-up jeans and fashionable shoes to tie the look together, her feed is sprinkled with posts that show her sense of fashion and taste in fusion wear.

Remsha posts reminders to be positive and happy, and also reinforces that by being her own boss and posting whatever she wants. Not pressured or bound by the traditional type of content that creators often post, she updates her impressive number of followers with the things that simply make her happy. Sharing bits of her life, like her childhood pictures, her favorite snacks, cultural things like henna application, even video edits of her favorite actors like Bilal Abbas Khan and handwritten Urdu notes, Remsha is not shy to express herself online.

Other creators would serve well to take a page from her book and see how peaceful a space Instagram can be where content creation does not have to be forced or molded to look or be done a specific way. The act of content creation and sharing that with the online community is a fun thing in itself, which Remsha embodies on a regular basis.