Reggie Hathorn (@reggiehathorn)

Reggie Hathorn (@reggiehathorn)

Being an entrepreneur is everyone’s dream as it is indeed a glorious and advanced job. Everyone wants to start a business of their dreams that they hope would take off and they’d make it as a successful business person. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Like in the movie Wall Street, a famous line was, “You can’t be a little bit pregnant.” similarly, you can’t have a little bit of an entrepreneur’s soul in your body. And Reggie Harthorn is an embodiment of a successful entrepreneur who put his heart and soul into his work to be where he is today.

Reggie has a rich taste. He fully comprehends what a fancy life should constitute of and according to him, you don’t need to have giant materialistic things to enjoy a luxurious life. To Reggie, it’s about taste and picking out the right things for oneself to find 10 minutes of the day just for yourself. That is why he came up with the idea of making scented candles. Within years, his company became one of the most competitive businesses in the industry. And Reggie believes it has everything to do with the care and thoughtfulness he puts in his product that has changed the game of scented candles.

Reggie is vocal about his beliefs but one thing that is really important to him is Mental Health. Mental Health has such dark side effects and it is detrimental for millions of people living with it. Sometimes, people just need some “me time” to perceive things pensively and calm their anxieties. However, anxiety is not a switch button that can be turned off whenever you feel like it. That is why Reggie decided to do his part and create something that will have the power to soothe the souls of his buyers. And, the best thing to soothe oneself is by placing oneself in an environment that calms our nerves and makes us feel good. That is why scented candles are a brilliant idea as they have the ability to soothe all senses of the person if the right scent is picked.

Smell has a lot to do with familiarity. And, sometimes familiarity is all one need to hold back and see the light. Reggie’s advocacy towards mental health and his struggle to give his buyers the products that will last longer has been a huge help in combatting the issue. The feedback section on Reggie Hathorn’s website is proof of the fact that his products are helping people to feel better.

Apart from that, Reggie is also a brilliant content creator who persistently talks about women empowerment, the unjust systems, posting awareness about mental health, advocating for kindness towards each other are all recurring themes of the content he produces. Reggie’s style is light that makes learning about the hard topics easy, which enables the discourse to unfold and gives way to larger conversations. He believes that kindness and empathy towards each other can revolutionize the world because we all need someone to lean onto in times of difficulty.

The mastermind entrepreneur recently turned 50 years old. Reggie likes being old and wise. According to him, he has lived all these years accumulating experience and wisdom and now it is time for him to shine and put it all to good use. His comical sense of humour is what attracts people to his personality. Usually, entrepreneurs are sombre people but Reggie knows exactly how to have a good time and he urges his fans to do the same.

This 50-year-old businessman has put years of work into his business. So, if you’re looking to buy a scented candle for yourself or your loved ones, check out his website: All of their candles are made of hand-poured soy wax and there are multiple choices to pick from as they have been carefully picked for the sake of different experiences. So pick what soothes you. If anyone wants to look him up, here is his Instagram link: reggiehathorn.