Raul Mendez (@raul.mendez_tct)

Raul Mendez (@raul.mendez_tct)

Every success story has its origins, and Raul Mandez is one such individual who – having garnered success in multiple areas of his work – is a wearer of many hats when it comes to talking about success.

Truck lover and general vehicle enthusiast, Raul Mendez is an up-and-raising star in his own merits. From the world of business – courtesy of his very own flourishing truck business to his TV series and even his Instagram page, where the dapper businessman is quickly rising to fame, in no small part thanks to his own eager and passionate attitude towards life.

Texas Chrome Shop

One of the largest independent trucking contractors in all of Texas, Texas Chrome Shop is a family business starting from humble beginnings. Formerly known as “Mendez Trucking”, this story starts almost 37 years ago when Raul Mendez migrated to this country with little more than his hopes and dreams.

Originally working in the fields picking fruits and vegetables of South Texas after migrating from Piedras Negras (Mexico), Raul became a truck driver he moved his family to San Antonio, TX. It was during this time that he wished to one day have his own truck and start his own company. After many years of hard work, he turned his lifelong dream into a reality when he sold his personal belongings to purchase his very first 18-wheeler. This was the beginning of Mendez Trucking, with Raul Mendez Sr. as the first employee.

Raul endured many hardships over the next few years before he could afford a second truck, but once he achieved that goal, the others came with greater ease. Having grown by leaps and bounds over the years thanks to one man’s dedication and the family and friends who have stood by his side, the company, to this day, is a family business that employs dozens of hardworking drivers and has more than 85 trucks in its fleet.

Having bestowed many-a truckers with the opportunity to work, save, and finally purchase their own tractors in attempts to pursue their dreams, the amount of success stories that come from this one company is staggering. Hailed as a hero by many, traditional songs – known as “corridos” –have been written about Mendez, and his story inspires thousands from Mexico, Texas, and the Southwest.

In 2003, Raul and his family built a service shop, now known as Texas Chrome, to extend the Mendez philosophy of quality service to all fellow truck drivers. Dealing in the selling of semi-truck parts & accessories – amongst other things – Texas Chrome has shown that the same principles that made Texas Chrome so great can be applied anywhere.

Texas Trocas

With the aim of bringing to the world the fascinating success story behind the face of Texas Crome, Texas Trocas helps shed light onto the prosperous Mendez family, a Mexican-American family who rose from meager beginnings to create a powerful dynasty. With each episode featuring Raul Mendez Sr. (Raul Mendez’s father), his family, and the team, the show is an anecdotal tale of the family’s life as they tackle the day-to-day challenges that arise from running a trucking company and customizing commercial trucks. With custom truck designs which have achieved awards and garnered international attention, Texas Trocas is a brilliant retelling of the American dream.

Raul Mendez

The man of the hour, Raul Mendez is an overwhelming display of tenacity and persistence. Showcasing his life in a more personal way, this entrepreneur’s Instagram – which has a staggering twenty-nine thousand followers and counting – is a gateway for die-hard fans to take a peek into the rising celebrity’s world.

Filled with pictures and posts dedicated to showing off his wonderful and supportive family – going about the daily hustle of daily life or helping about the family business – and posts serve as small updates regarding his business as Raul makes sure that his followers are in the loop when it comes to his life.

 A firm believer in showing his gratitude to those who helped him along the way, Raul utilizes his platform as a means to showing his thanks to those who have supported him along his journey. It comes as little surprise then, that this man has been so quick in finding success in every venture he partakes in.