Rashid Bahattab

Rashid Bahattab

The arts are something to be admired. They deserve to be appreciated and revered by people who truly grasp their depth, importance, and excellence. Art can be found anywhere and in any object since it is a concept rather than a fixed idea or object. But there are also certain forms that art takes which makes it easier to explore. Music, poetry, paintings, and calligraphy to name a few. People who appreciate art in all of its glorious forms are true gems. Art is what keeps us all alive, without art and artists, life around us would be dull, meaningless, and drawl.

Rashid Bahattab is one such devotee of the arts. He is not only a skilled singer but also a connoisseur of beautiful calligraphy, as well as an enthusiast of poetry and religious prose. Bahattab is someone who thinks and feels deeply. He describes himself as an empathy; someone that understands feelings and perspectives beyond his own. Someone that possesses the ability to see and feel beyond his personal bias and to sense the emotions around him in a way not many others are capable of feeling. This quality is beautifully reflected in the manner in which he covered a song by the famous Khaleeji singer Muhammed Abdu. The song cover has been uploaded on both his Instagram and Youtube channels. The song tells a tale of the duality of human beings, more specifically, the duality of the singer himself. It goes into the reality that human beings hold both happiness and sadness inside them and that one can truly not be plainly a positive or a negative person, since both perspectives weigh heavily in any single situation. The fact that he chose to cover this song really reflects upon Bahattab’s deeply sensitive and philosophical nature. The emotions of the song are conveyed wonderfully in his melodious voice.

Other than music, Bahattab is an avid enjoyer of calligraphy. He dabbles in art and loves to appreciate the calligraphy done by famous artists. On his Instagram, he shares both. He also shares his love for his religion, Islam, and the way he is inspired and driven by his love for God and his Prophet. Overall, Bahattab is someone who is devoted to religion and follows the Prophet’s words and teachings reverently.

Bahattab has a case of wanderlust. He loves traveling and exploring the world. Wanderlust can be a powerful thing, and for someone who is so enthusiastic about beauty and art, it makes sense. Bahattab is also driven by this sense, and as a result, he has visited many beautiful cities in different parts of the world. He has traveled all the way from his hometown Abu Dhabi to the gothic and mysterious castles of Prague, to the beautiful bridges and serene rivers in Budapest, all the way to the swanky, ancient city of Baku, Azerbaijan. He has seen it all. But ultimately his heart belongs at home, in the marvelous city of Abu Dhabi. And despite his many visits and tours abroad, he always returns home with all of these accumulated memories. After all, there is no place quite like home.

Rashid Bahattab is also a golf-enthusiast. Not just in watching the sport, but has also been seen in the golf course, scoring some pars of his own. He keeps his followers updated on all of this on his Instagram. And uploads his songs on his Youtube. His beautiful calligraphy posts give his Instagram feed a refreshing touch. And it is a delight to see someone who appreciates and is involved in such a variety of arts. Truly, it shows character and mental strength. As someone that seems to be deeply involved in, and highly meticulous about the quality of his work, we are sure that Rashid Bahattab has a wide range of content to deliver and impress us with. Fingers are crossed in anticipation.