Rahim Azarmidokht (@mardin.uk)

Rahim Azarmidokht (@mardin.uk)

Since becoming more and accessible, social media and social networking sites have become the hub of expression. Open to people in any corner of the world with all kinds of devices within their reach. Various platforms on the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and even YouTube have become safe spaces for people to express their thoughts, creativity, and even some interesting events or anecdotes that users feel like sharing with their audience or friends. These online spaces have taken shape into personal diaries for some, on which they record and document their lives, their emotions, and their feelings.

Instagram in particular, has become an amalgamation and a jack-of-all-trades on the internet, being the most used social media app in 2020 by over 1 billion people! That goes to show how accessible it is for all types of content creators to build an audience and share their lives and skills with others.

Creators like Rahim Azarmidokht, who use social networking platforms not only to express themselves, but to become a source of comfort or inspiration for others on the internet, truly deserve praise for the work they do. Going by the handle @mardin.uk on Instagram, he has amassed a following of over 9000 people by posting a cocktail of content. As if he decided to give “variety” a new meaning, everything from motivational and uplifting quotes, pictures, videos, music, film, humor, reminiscent content, and travel content can be found on his Instagram account. He truly provides something for everyone, but a majority of it is featured in his native language, Turkish.

Originally hailing from Turkey but currently settled in Great Britain, Rahim has taken to new heights what running a holistic Instagram account is. Honoring both places that he frequents, his hometown of Mardin and the UK, his Instagram handle has been Mardin.UK since the creation of his account, while his bio features the quote “in constitutional, dignity first and then love” both in English and Arabic. The care with which his feed is put together, showcasing content for people of all ages and moods show that he is a passionate and kind-hearted individual especially when considering that a lot of his posts are meant to evoke positivity and good feelings in his followers and non-followers alike.

Rahim, on top of being the textbook definition of a thoughtful person, is also a socially responsible content creator. Understanding the importance of using his platform and his voice to spread awareness in these hateful times, he often posts thought provoking imagery on his Instagram about the multitude of issues that the world is riddled with, including things like being careful in times of COVID-19, political unrest, and hate speech.

Another thing he seems to be passionate about is photography and documenting his time through videos. Multiple shots and videos of his visits to Turkey and London are posted on his account, while his highlights have a number of TikTok (@mardin.uk) clips of him engaging in regular activities like barbecuing, driving on the wide streets of London, admiring the scenery on the mountain regions in Turkey, and admiring the ample beauty around him.

Rahim is a fan of cars, music, travel, photography and has been using his platform to share the same happiness he feels with other people who come across his account. Using his account as a diary of sorts is his way of killing two birds with one stone, in the way that he shares content that makes him feel good with other people. As stressful as it can often be to be wary about the feelings of others without sidelining your own self, Rahim does it with unmissable flair and care.

In a world where impartiality to people around you in on the rise, people like Rahim are certainly what we need! To keep up with Rahim and his adventures, follow him on Instagram and TikTok (@Mardin.uk).