Raghad Mohammed (@raghrd)

Raghad Mohammed (@raghrd)

Typically run by an individual to share their interests or passions, blogs have long since become a great hobby many a creative has taken up with the rise of the internet. Popularized with the introduction of the American-based service “Blogger,” the art of blogging has since moved on from one medium to another, making its way from the likes of social -media sites such as Tumblr and Twitter to now – and most notably – Instagram. But despite the ever-increasing popularity of blogging, not everyone is cut out in maintaining one. So, what does it take to become a good blogger? Well, People love seeing new things. They tend to be attracted to the uncommon. That, combined with dedication and an ability to set goals and achieve them, makes for a self-motivated blogger, which is always something a follower base is sure to admire.

Raghad Mohammaed – better known by her Instagram handle of @raghrd, is a fast-emerging fan-favorite travel and beauty blogger based in Riyadh. Having managed to break out of the mold of mediocre blogs with her unique style and creative and dynamic posts, this blogger is not afraid to be her own, authentic self. Much like every other great blogger, her blog started its humble journey on Instagram back in 2017, where the young woman took two of her interests – traveling and sharing her memorable moments with those around her – and transformed them into her passion project.

Currently sporting over 2.3 million followers on her Instagram, which continues to increase by the hour, this young woman demonstrates a mean streak for breaking the traditional conventions of a blog. Doubling as a social media influencer, the young woman now utilizes her brand image to promote famous brands through sponsorships – giving her followers a chance to become aware of and try out new things to expand their sphere of interests. In the same vein, the young blogger oft promotes other blogs and pages via her posts, either by showing off her makeup skills – oh yeah, did we mention? A versatile virtuoso, the woman, is also a very successful professional makeup artist – or by showcasing her interests in what they have to offer; Raghad is always ready to spread her love for new things to her followers.

Taking about unabashedly showing off our interests, Raghad’s Instagram is a pleasant treat for the eyes. Filled with aesthetic pictures of her travels, the young influencer makes sure that her followers are as immersed as possible in the fun that ensues in her own life – her stories further acting as a proxy gateway into the adventures of her world. And since we’re on the topic of staying on brand, the young woman leaves no doubt about her personality. Staying true to her religious beliefs, this young entrepreneur is set on showing people modesty does not beget fun and freedom.

Other than portraying her love for her spirituality and vowing that it is one reason she has found success in all endeavors she has undertaken, Raghad also makes sure that her family knows of her appreciation towards them. Often posting about how blessed she is for having such a kind and supportive family, the young woman is sure to leave no doubt in expressing how she would have never reached this far in life without this second pillar of her self-attributed success.

Like any smart entrepreneur – something Raghad has already displayed many-a-time – Raghad does not shy away from taking the opportunity presented to her and utilizing it to the best of her capabilities. Acknowledging that most of her followers enjoy her makeup-related content, the woman has astutely plugged her contact information for any interested potential customers. So if you’re feeling in the mood for treating your eyes to some great maquillage, don’t forget to check out Raghad’s craftmanship over on her Instagram, where she also has her contact information listed, so that is you like what you see – just in case – and are feeling a little extra, you too could avail her services.