Raequon Jones (@raeqj)

Raequon Jones (@raeqj)

“Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” Ella Fitzgerald

The journey to where your dreams reside is never easy but definitely worth it. It takes your sweat, hard work, and dedication to reach your dream destination in life. Dr. Raequon Jones aka raeqj is one such epitome of success. Dr. Raequon Jones is a Ph.D. male nurse and a social media influencer. Dr. Raequon Jones studied Nursing at The University of West Georgia and was given the award of ‘Thriving Under 30’ amongst the hundreds and thousands of Alumni of the University of West Georgia.

Dr. Jones was officially accepted into Augusta’s CRNA Medical College of Georgia’s Doctoral Anesthesiology Program in 2021 which for him was a surreal feeling as he got the exact placement he always dreamed of. His consistency and dedication to his field of study have taken him to the destination of success where he aspired to reach. The message of hard work, consistency, and dedication is something he has not only followed himself but has conveyed to all his friends, family, and individuals who are passionate enough to achieve their goals.

According to Raeqj, when he worked at a nursing home in Carrolton, at the start of his medical journey, he had a patient, Mr. Fletcher, who always used to say to him, “You kids are the future”. This quote of Mr. Fletcher is stuck in his head and his heart ever since. Dr. Raequon Jones, keeping up with Mr. Fletcher’s saying, has been working on shaping the future of himself and those around him. Whether it’s his lectures at the nursing institutions or his speeches at the stocks lecture meetings, he tries his best to motivate the young generations so they can create their own successful futures.

Raeqj has been featured multiple times on the Instagram page “@blacknurseskillingit” which features successful black nurses that are working extremely hard in the hospitals to help patients with their illnesses and to tend to their needs. In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the healthcare workers have worked really hard to control this new disease without thinking about themselves first. Dr. Raequon Jones and many such successful and hard-working nurses and doctors have been the front-line soldiers in fighting this pandemic.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt Apart from being a Ph.D. nurse, Raeqj enjoys having a healthy and luxurious lifestyle.  His workout routines and vacation choices are worth following. His luxurious style and classy fashion are an inspiration for the audiences to follow. His Instagram account @raeqj clearly portrays how Dr. Jones balances his life and work remarkably well.

“The only time one should look backward is to appreciate the journey taken to Infiniti and Beyond”. Dr. Raequon Jones aka raeqj had the honor and opportunity to showcase and advertise the ‘Infinity’ Performance line, with an ode to spirited driving. It was a truly luxurious experience for raeqj to portray the luxury cars of the Company ‘Infinity’.

Dr. Raequon Jones being a man of principle has been one of the representatives of the ‘black lives matter’ or similar campaigns to raise voice on the oppression of the black people. “Equality doesn’t only equate to equal chances in the eyes of the law. Equality is a natural human right. Equality is NOT projecting negative bias towards a person due to prejudice. Equality is the battle of human rights proportionally being distributed to ALL people. All lives cannot matter until BLACK Lives Matter” says Raeqj.

Dr. Jones’s versatility in the fields of profession, his management of time in life, and his urge to become the voice for the oppressed shows the remarkable personality he possesses.