Rachel (@hello_nurse_)

Boldness isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something you choose to have or not have. Rachel is one of the bold and daring young ladies. Rachel is a nurse by profession. With a lot of effort and quality of content, she hits 236.3k followers on Instagram with user id @hello_nurse_. Rachel is a strong disabled mother. Along with her disability, she is still clear about what she wants and her purpose in life. She has the conviction of her direction and path. Rachel is persistent and driven to do whatever she is passionate about. She loves to entertain her followers with her unique content. With her videos, she holds the attention and interest of her followers. However, she grabs viewers’ attention by different things because individuals have different preferences in entertainment. Follow Rachel to learn about her life.

Not all Families are perfect. Some argue, some fight, some even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family. The love will always be there no matter what. Rachel has a beautiful family with one daughter and son. For her, a happy family is one in which everyone means so much to one another. She is willing to do anything for her family. She was living a happy life with her family, but suddenly, her husband cheated on her with her friend. Every happiness turns down to her. She sunk in sorrow and wet in rain of pain. She started posting videos and pretending like she didn’t care to overcome her sorrow. For Rachel, one of the most significant challenges in life is being herself in a world trying to make her like everyone else. To know more about her, follow @hello_nurse_ on TikTok.

The change from angled to disabled has been one hell of a ride. Rachel wasn’t born disabled. She had a car accident which changed her life. She needs to wear a leg brace to walk properly. Because her leg is fractured and she has a problem with knees ligament. Even after a heartful tragedy, Rachel never let her smile go away. She holds it tightly and moves forward to build a new happiness camp for her. It’s never been easy for Rachel to pass through all this. She falls apart and then stands. Rachel is courageous enough to fight alone in her hour of rush. She finds a way to overcome her grief. She starts posting and sharing her feelings with the public to feel lighter. It gave her significant relief, but she also decided to educate other people to fight and stand firm in front of hardships. Follow Rachel on TikTok.

Dogs have been the best companions of human beings since the initialization of this world. Rachel is a dog lover. She has a pet dog, whom she cares for and loves. Her pet is more than just a pet for her, and he is her family. Her dog is always there with her in every bad or worse situation of Rachels’s life. Rachels always uploaded different videos for her followers. Also, she replied to her followers in her priorities. No matter what the ques were about, she answered them very well. Responding to both positive and negative comments notifies viewers that you read your post comments or are interested in what they have to say. Her viewers want her to participate as well. It’s a fact that when you pass through such hardships, it always leaves imprints, no matter how optimistic you are. These imprints are also part of Rachel’s life. Sometimes she reacts to her followers who ask bitter ques that are hard to answer. Follow Rachel on tik tok.