RAAJA VIJAPURAPU (@rajaavijapurapu)

RAAJA VIJAPURAPU (@rajaavijapurapu)

If you’re a fan of classic romantic music or in the mood to listen to Carnatic music, you have come to the right place.

Raaja Vijapurapu is a Telugu singer who has been recording classical songs since 1998. He is currently settled in London, United Kingdom.

He mostly does covers of romantic songs from Tollywood movies. Here are some of the covers he made from the 1980s Vana Jallu gilluthunte, Godave Godavamma, and Rojlo Letha Vannele, from 1990s Le Le Baba, Baunnara, and Tippu TopuLooku, and from the early 2000s Tella Tellani Cheera,Baava Chandamaamalu, and Ammadu Appachi.

He started his career with Smule, which is a social singing app that allows you to enjoy karaoke songs. Raaja owns a channel on Smule called @_MegaMusic. He has around 6.7K followers that love to listen to his classical covers.

He has over 7.5K recordings, 3000 HQ tracks, and more than 2500 songs. He has done several collaborations on a single song with different talented singers. However, each collaboration makes Raaja’s voice stands out and has its own uniqueness.

Some of his collab on his classical covers are with Sujatha Mohan, Shilpa Pavan Kumar, and Harika. Other than singing he also does mix and mastering of his songs on his own.

Moreover, he also started a YouTube channel in 2013. He is about to reach 100K subscribers very soon. Make sure you visit his channel – Raaja Vijapurapu. So, you can listen to some of his classic songs as well.

He also has a son Maurya who is developing an interest in music. He currently has a music teacher who is helping him learn the basics of music. We hope to see his son enter the Industry in the future following in his father’s footsteps. Meanwhile, you can check out an adorable video of his attempt to sing the Christmas song with a plain rap track on Raaja’s Instagram.

Having talent in music is one thing but Vijapurapu has magnificent photography skills as well. He uses a Nikon Coolpix P900 and his mobile phone to capture images.

He officially started taking pictures of nature and now does some food photography as well. You’ll find mouth-watering shots of cookies, desi Indian sweets, pizzas, and much more. You can check out more of these pictures on his Instagram @raajavijapurapu.

Some of these pictures capture the shard of a 72-story skyscraper, the Fairlop Waters, Chalkwell Beach, the London Bridge, and the fireworks at Victoria Park.

You can also find some amazing pictures of his native country India. Some of the shots are taken of the Sri Tirupati Balaj Temple, Baga beach, RMZ eco-space.

You can also visit his website where you can buy some of his photos. You can find his excellent photography skills in beautiful scenery and wildlife at very reasonable prices. These pictures are mesmerizing, it almost feels like you are actually there in real life. His pictures start from a price of 17 dollars, make sure you do check them out on his website.

Moreover, his passion for photography can also be seen at 500px.com where you can find more of his astonishing photographs. He has more than 14K viewers and around 900 likes.

If you want to listen to Raaja’s melodious tracks head over to his Instagram @raajavijapurapu, his YouTube Raaja Vijapurapu, or his Smule account @_MegaMusic. Also, if you are interested in some photography be sure to check his website www.raajavirapurapu.picfair.com.