Quentin Brown (@Qdaboss516)

Quentin Brown (@Qdaboss516)

Not many people know of resilience as Quentin Brown does. However, not having the most leisurely start did not deter this genius from taking routes that eventually made him successful in life. Quentin is a brilliant CEO of Empowered Dynasty Group. He has worked hard, taken many risks, and believed in himself and his community to earn a reputation of being a successful entrepreneur.

Quentin is a man of more than one talent. His abilities go beyond the business domain, which is reflected in all the other things he is doing. Not only is he a CEO of a successful business, but he is also a real estate investor, co-owns a nightclub with a friend, owns a barbershop, and co-owns a real office. He believes in pushing forward by not settling for anything less than he’s capable of doing. Moreover, Quentin constantly thinks of ways to grow and be better at what he does. Currently, he has about ten fix and flip projects going on.

Quentin believes in taking the chances and looking for the bright sides in dark times. He does not take his failures and rejections as a sign of giving up, but instead, he brings these times and uses it to empower himself to work harder. Quentin’s positive attitude towards life and resilience has led him to become an inspiration for many young people. Not having a mentor to help you through life isn’t easy, but Quentin took it as a challenge, learned the business himself, and grew from his experiences.

Having faith in himself and believing in God has led Quentin to become a source of motivation for those going through a tough time in life. Quentin found his true self and passion in times of dejection and knew he had to put his skills to use and make something out of his life. A few years later, he became CEO of a company that he believes in empowering the community on the topics of finance and generational wealth!

Empowered Dysnaty Group focuses on helping people improve their financial standing. It loans hard money to help people come out of their dark times and make something out of their lives. The central premise of this organization is to provide a chance to people who don’t have generational wealth to change their lives for the better where they don’t have to rely on anyone.