Primary Alchemy UK (@primaryalchemyuk)

Primary Alchemy UK (@primaryalchemyuk)

The concept of holistic health may not be very well-known to the general population, but it is one that is very beneficial and eye-opening. To give an introduction to holistic health, it focuses on combining modern medicine with natural remedies to create a treatment plan that focuses on achieving optimal health and wellness. Holistic medicine approaches health in a way that combines physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental aspects of a person’s body to provide therapeutic treatment. A holistic treatment plan differs from person to person. In a way, holistic medicine is not an alternative to traditional medicine and treatment, rather it is recommended as a complement to regular treatments. Holistic medicine has several core values, some of which include treating the root cause of the illness instead of just treating the symptoms and focusing on the prevention of disease.

Primal Alchemy UK is a company that advertises itself as a visionary holistic health and performance brand. They aim to help people achieve peak health and performance using their products. Their products include superfood supplements, rare crystals, and quantum health technologies. These are all specially formulated to optimize one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. When you visit their website, they offer a free guide map which they call a “Superhuman Optimisation Map”. This guide contains their well-researched and thoroughly perfected recommendations and instructions on how to create one’s own personalized guide on achieving ultimate health and wellbeing by integrating holistic techniques into one’s daily life. It is completely free of charge and gives a person incredible insight into the true importance and significance of holistic healthcare as well as the brand’s core mission statement and values. The insight it provides is aligned according to the services offered by Primary Alchemy UK themselves, so one doesn’t have to look much further if one decides to adopt holistic healthcare.

One of their most interesting products is their healing crystals. Regardless of the lack of scientific proof about the healing abilities of these rare crystals, their circumstantial effects can’t be denied. This is the reason many people who adhere to them believe in their healing powers. Some of the crystals for sale at Primal Alchemy are different forms of Moldavite. this crystal is said to have many spiritual healing abilities that can be felt as soon as one holds them.

The creator of Primary Alchemy, Chris Storey has created a podcast series named the “Red Pill Initiation Hour”, the purpose of which is, once again, to introduce people to the philosophy behind his work. Through the fascinating conversations and oral presentations on his podcasts, he delves into the topics of spiritual and holistic health and fascinating truths about human consciousness with leading researchers and scholars. These podcasts are extremely engaging and informative.

Their main philosophy is to transcend the barriers that humans have created for themselves and achieve a superior state of health in all respects, from physical to spiritual. Hence, in this way, one can become “superhuman”. They are home to a range of superfood supplements that they have carefully formulated themselves. They describe them as the best selection of herbs for the mind, body, and soul. According to their website, all of their products are “prana charged” using a state-of-the-art orgone generator, which infuses prana/orgone/chi/life force energy into each superfood. They also provide information about this phenomenon of prana charging on their website. They employ the traditional Chinese belief called the “Di Tao belief” to source their ingredients in their most organic forms. Other than this, they use wild-harvested & organically cultivated ingredients only.

They also have an Ancestral Kitchen service. A service that delivers meat boxes and certified nutrient-dense whole foods. In general, unify ancestral health practices with 21st-century science to help achieve perfect physical and mental health.