Pressroom & 1850’s Mercantile (@theboxsf)

We all have heard several stories about people who proudly claim themselves to be self-made. They are those people who started from nothing and only through their hard work and talent reached the top. The ones who overcome all the hurdles and odds to get the place they are at now. These are the people we often aspire to become and are the ones whose stories are worth sharing. One of them is Mark E. Sackett, founder of Founder CEO at Reflectur, TheBoxSF, The Art of Active Networking, BrainfoodUSA, and Articulation Films.

Sackett completed his high school in applied arts from Shawnee Mission North and his bachelor’s in Graphic designing from Johnson County Community college. Rather than going for an advanced degree, he purchased lots of books and taught himself, which turned out to be an excellent option for him as he started his own business called Total Design, which led him to get a job in Muller+company. This was just the beginning of the success coming his way.

From a very young age, Sackett found himself interested in various fields, which is why he owns 13 related creative businesses, all doing exponentially well. He began his career as a Graphic/ Art Director and Director of Advertising for Print, Television Commercials, Identity Work, and Corporate Video. In fact, he has been awarded as a best Director/Designer/Producer for over thirty-one years, with more than one thousand awards bestowed to his credit.

While he has achieved a lot in any field he has touched, there is one venture that changed his entire life, and that was launching the Box SF, a place that provides the space for various corporate events, workshops, charity events, and design-related lectures.

Sackett finds his inspiration from the people around him. He enjoys sitting with new people, interacting with them to learn more about their lives and ideas. This is why he came up with the Box SF to connect more individuals together to help them live a more creative, passion-filled life.

Due to his unique idea, Box SF started creating lots of buzzes also because of its location as the Box SF building used to be the “William Randolph Hearst Printing Plant,” one of San Francisco’s premier events venues. Space was expanded and renovated in 2018 to accommodate a mass of printed history, products, books, packaging, antiques, handcrafted letterpress printed matter, and other handmade products. This new renovation of keeping the element of printing still intact in events really helped in increasing the Box SF’s appeal; for instance, they kept the old historic gate to attract more attention along with having a 336-year old conference/dinner table, which was made from an antique Chinese village door. The Box SF even opened their historic letterpress printing shop and 1850’s mercantile for special occasions. Located on the ground floor, these rooms are rented for creative off-sites, small board meetings, classes, workshops, film shoots, and receptions. These spaces can hold up to 16 to 24 people and are usually always booked due to their intensive demand due to their vintage aesthetic.

Not only that, but through incorporating historical printing and venues, The Box SF educates its customers on the magnificent types of printing that were being done in the past and how some of those legacies are continued. This idea of bringing all the artists and businesses together in a collaborative space along with resurrecting vintage advertising and aesthetics helped the Box SF reach a place where it is now, and it is only getting better.

“The key is to be like a Duck, smooth and unruffled on the surface but paddling furiously underneath!” are the words Mark Sackett cast to existence through his every action, choice, and decision he made for the Box SF. Through his endless hard work Box SF made a name for itself and a place in people’s hearts. This can be seen as their Instagram account has more than ten thousand followers, which keeps increasing every day. If anyone wants to look the page up, Instagram is: “theboxsf”.