Pooza Mishra (@p.mishra19)

Pooza Mishra (@p.mishra19)

In an age where you can simply gain notoriety by posting about your day-to-day life, Instagram influencers have become all the rage. Simply put, influencers are Instagram users who have established credibility and audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity. Made mainstream by the advent of blogging and further popularized with the growing significance of social media as a whole, influencers have slowly but surely become the new face of the celebrity culture. In search of popularity and acclaim, these influencers utilize platforms (with Instagram acting as the hot stop) to pursue their dreams of attaining stardom simply by finding and connecting with their people.

A quickly emerging up-and-out social media influencer and lifestyle blogger, Pooza Mishra is one such individual breaking out of the mould and quickly gaining attention. Located in Seattle and a wearer of many hats, this young woman is just full of surprises – from her love for her dogs and her family to her passion for photography, blogging, and sharing her life to all those she can get just to stop by and enjoy – Mishra is just brimming with fun and exciting surprises. Her Instagram – which currently sports well over five hundred thousand followers and counting – is the prime hub where she lets loose and explores her creativity through her favourite medium (photography, of course).

Egar and always willing to bring other people joy, this rising star uses her “own two personal muses – Pixie and Bella” to fulfill her objective. “Everyone knows that a dog is a man’s best friend for a reason.” She said, continuing to state that “They’re so pure and filled with love to give. I thought why not increase the happiness in the world twofold by showing off (my own)”. As most of us are aware, however, it’s no little feat to get animals  – especially two feisty and always active Pomeranians – to sit still and pose for the camera, and Mishra’s photography only goes to further prove her skill and dedication to perfecting her craft with the shots she manages to capture. While Mishra says that she “thank them enough for always cooperating with (her) shenanigans.” We think it’s got more to do with her talent.

Dynamic and adventurous by nature, Mishra is a dynamic go-getter who loves to travel and – of course – share her exploits with all her dedicated followers via her social media. From the beachy blue shores of California, the hum-frum of nature in New Zeland and Tuscany, and the gentle snows of Ireland and Austria to the bustling streets of New York and Canada, Mishra is no stranger to traveling the globe in search of her next big passion project and we, for one, can’t wait to see what she stumbles upon.

This young woman is always humble, making the world know of her gratitude towards her family. Having an entire section of her stories dedicated to showing her siblings, Mishra is an unabashedly proud and supportive elder sister we all wish we had growing up. From displaying her younger brother’s foolhardy antics to proudly showing off her younger sister’s own success in her pursuit to fame via her singing career, the young star is an avid supporter of her family and its enthusiastic high-jinks, which occur amidst the daily hustle and bustle of life.

Similarly, Mishra is an avid supporter of self-love and feeling comfortable in one’s own body. Always one to lead by example, this rising star uses her face as the canvas to show others how beauty should not and is not any one thing. Her central Asian heritage is something she makes sure to shine through from all her portraits, and she isn’t one to shy away from breaking conventional stereotypes surrounding the current fashion world.

It comes as a little surprise that this go-getter has been so quick to find the snug spot in the world of the ever-competitive world of Instagram influencers – what with her love to spread happiness and share her own experiences with everyone, Pooza Mishra is definitely one of a kind.