PHOENIX (@phx_65)

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PHOENIX is a kind person who’s willing to offer love, thankful people, and kind people are a forgiver considering forgiving is an essential consideration of kindness. He will never regret being kind. Kind individuals are constantly respectful of each other’s feelings and desires. PHOENIX Life is an experience that requires people to be present to enjoy it. His life is also like memory, for nothing is truly gone to us as long as people remember it. Simple pleasures may deliver the most joy while remaining modest and present. PHOENIX, respectable person and courageous person, is one of the most genuine types of respect is genuinely hearing what someone else has to say, although aggressiveness is not courageous. So let’s follow PHOENIX.

PHOENIX attributes his bravery and strength to confront himself in the most difficult of circumstances and holding firm in the face of adversity. And he formed a resolution that if this or any moment turned out to be his last, he would know it was when he was alive and his time. He will be immensely grateful for every magnificent chaotic second of my wandering existence. PHOENIX also owns his website; people can visit his website However, people can only appreciate the magnitude of his website if they scroll down. He inspires people not just with his short video but also with his everyday life. So, let’s follow PHOENIX.

PHOENIX creates documentaries for the general public. It’s interesting how people expect documentary films to be as exciting and engaging as historical films. People want a fictional film to seem as genuine as a documentary film. The documentary, as just a portrayal, appeals to PHOENIX. There isn’t a clear beginning, medium, or finish to the story. Inside the editing studio, PHOENIX creates something molded through trying to get to know the individual and diving harder, peeling away the layers as people come to know them. PHOENIX wants to communicate through his music. Listen to his album if people want to know: it tells people more about PHOENIX than a documentary ever could. So, let’s follow PHOENIX.

PHOENIX appreciates a variety of activities and spends quality time every day, such as traveling, boating, submarines, and beaches. He adores boats and could spend his entire life on one. He isn’t terrified of narratives since he will be learning how to sail his ship. In such a wonderful environment, there is no time to be bored. PHOENIX searches deeply into nature to understand things better as he admire nature very much. He also has a patient personality, which is bitter yet bears delicious fruit. Patience draws enjoyment, bringing what is distant closer. People can lose all sense of control and be rendered powerless in a single moment. He implores everyone to discover it within themselves to lift themselves to their knees and aspire to do nothing beyond surviving. Let’s follow PHOENIX.