Peter Tokatlian

Peter Tokatlian

Interior design is a skill that is not thought much of but without it, living, working and existing would prove to be extremely difficult. It is only through effective interior design that even a small studio apartment can look like a beautiful residence and home. Interior design is not only about making homes look like homes but drastically repurposing, redesigning spaces so that it improves their efficiency when it is used. This can apply to workspaces as well as homes. Interior decorators work extremely hard with different textures, spaces, objects, sizes and patterns to come to the optimal solution of how to make a space up for the best use it can be.

While a lot of people disregard this line of work as “simple” or one that “anyone can do,” it is not the case. When it comes down to working and repurposing a space so that it is designed to be the most efficient it can be, everyman simply does not have the skill to. Highly skilled interior decorators are the ones qualified for such jobs as they, with their skill, practice, education and understanding of the line of work, can successfully redesign a space.

One such interior decorator is Peter Tokatlian. Peter is an American Interior Designer whose work surpasses national borders as he works all around the world. Born in New York and raised in Arizona, Peter has made it his goals to dedicate his time and efforts to the world of interior decorating. He successfully remodels spaces into looking like something completely different from what he had started with. It feels like it is a completely new build by the time he is done with his work. Peter specializes mainly in designing houses and living spaces. His Instagram and Picuki pages show a wide array of living spaces he has worked on and shared. All of these spaces look like they are not from this world.

Peter has also been heavily involved in the Paradise V project. Located in Arizona, Paradise Valley is a very affluent town in Maricopa County which is famous for its luxury golf courses, shopping, real estate and beautiful houses. Peter has been working hard on his project remodelling and redesigning spaces in this area. His Instagram stories show how heavily involved he is in the entire process where he shows how the house was before he had started, the difficult process of it with extremely detailed maps and wall chunks scattered all on the floor and the extremely satisfying end where he shows the beautiful house fully furnished, designed and polished. His work makes the viewer just want to live in the house.

Peter’s Instagram page is full of beautiful houses and spaces that he has worked on. One of the most recent ones is his work in Paradise Valley where he shows the mansion from the outside, the pool and the overall landscape making anyone watching it want to dip into a pool right there.

Despite being based in the United States, Peter is almost all around the world. He has been to numerous places around the globe including New Mexico, Ibiza and Cabo. His work is not limited to one country but with him has travelled all across the world. From his visits there, Peter shares extremely unique and inspiring designs and spaces from the locations he travels to. Aside from his work, he also documents his life and experiences in these places.

Peter is also a huge lover of art across all mediums. He shares beautiful artwork by different artists on his social media profiles. The art ranges from paintings to tattoos to interior design in which he dabbles in. He makes sure to support and promote local art and artists through his social media platform.

One can follow Peter on his social media at the Instagram handle @peter_tokat and join his following of more than six thousand people who he inspires on the regular with his beautiful work.