Perth is OK!

Perth is OK!

Perth is OK is the ultimate guide to Western Australia which covers all the aspects one can think about including the absolute best of the best of what is special and available there, recommendations of what to eat and drink, news and information about the locals. Perth is OK works as a one-stop-shop for everything to eat, drink, go, see, do and explore in Perth and beyond in Western Australia.

A really special thing about Perth is OK is that they not only acknowledge the traditional custodians of the country all over Australia but also respect their connections to the natural environment of Australia including its land, sea, and its diverse community. Perth is OK makes sure to acknowledge and respect their Elders of both the past and the present and extends their respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people present in Australia today. This deep connection Perth is OK has to the place that they are dealing with, makes them extremely unique when it comes to comparison with everyone else.

Considering how carefully Perth is OK makes sure to put selected and verified pieces of information on their website, it is of no surprise that it is one of Australia’s largest digital community in the present. It has over 350k Instagram followers and four million unique user-submitted images and videos with the hashtag #perthisok. Figures like this help a lot in actualizing the impact Perth is OK has on the digital and offline landscape of Australia. With verified and cross-listed information packed in a very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, Perth is OK is leading tourism and that too in a manner that is both sustainable and respectful because they make sure to acknowledge and respect the regions’ history and locals.

One of the things that make Perth is OK to stand out from all other travel blogs is that it has different sections for tourists and for locals who want to find things to do in Perth. In their ‘Best of WA’ section, they cover everything from food, drinks, beaches to hiking trails that are regarded as the best in the area. These blog posts are also extremely detailed with a lot of choices and options that there is bound to be something everyone likes! For their ‘local’ page, Perth is OK covers topics such as workout locations, fashion spots, pet clinics, and florists that a local person may want to look for instead of a tourist. At Perth is OK, there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Aside from informing about the tourist sights and experiences to look out for, Perth is OK also has been informing its audience about the COVID-19 situation in West Australia since the beginning of the pandemic. These updates have included the number of total cases in West Australia and updates about social restrictions placed by the government to curb the spread of the disease. Having these kinds of updates on a blog as frequented as Perth is OK is great since it helps bring information as important as this to a large audience of people which also helps in slowing down the spread of the disease.

However, this popularity also comes with a downside. Due to how popular Perth is OK has become, there are quite a lot of imposter accounts all over different social media networks. These unofficial accounts are not only harmful to Perth is OK’s brand but also to the Australian tourism industry. A lot of these accounts phish Perth is OK’s following into scam links and provide unofficial and unverified information regarding tourism in Australia which can have damaging consequences. One can follow Perth is OK’s official accounts at the Instagram and Twitter handles @perthisok or keep updated at their official website at