Throughout history, we’ve found many ways to entertain ourselves and give ourselves something to help us put our hearts at ease. With time, this search has progressed us into the modern age where music is a vital part of our daily lives and serves as one of the most important things in today’s world. It is a form of art that is widely spread across the world and serves its purpose in the lives of billions of people and continues to grow every passing second.

Music is often perceived as just a few beats but the significance of it lies behind the story and purpose. A simple beat that we often find ourselves moving to can have so much impact on us, that we can’t even begin to imagine. It touches our mind and soul so much that it even becomes the driving force behind the decisions we make for our lives and hence becoming something we hold very close.

Good music is what touches the soul and tells us a story in itself and gives us the warmth or feeling of being indulged in what the music artist wanted to deliver and to experience through sound, the different moments, and the different emotions that the music artist wants us to deliver. Pavianoo is a music artist that makes sure that he truly understands the true meaning of music and enables many others to be a part of his understanding of music by making songs that truly take away one’s soul itself.

Manifesting the art of the art known as music, Pavianoo set out his song that goes by the name Manic and showed everyone just how good his music can be while putting everyone at a loss of words for the amount of depth it had. He also made sure that the masterpiece known as Manic wasn’t left as only a track but also gave it representation by making it depict something in the form of a high-quality short film that he is very proud of and is just amazing to watch. This music video makes sure it complements the song more than anything and is the perfect representation of the song and allows his fans to indulge themselves in the amazing world that he has formed in the song and the video itself.

Manic has been Directed by none other than @lifeoyash himself, who is a great Film Director and was Shot and edited by Ronnie and was made in collaboration with @ll_cool_lj and @ibeenchery. And this collaboration created a result that we could only have imagined, making all that talent into one to create the perfect track.

Being someone that is in love with his piano and deeply attached to it, Pavianoo has multiple videos on YouTube of him as he makes covers of great songs such as famous titles by the Weeknd like “Escape from LA”, Another One of Me”, “Nothing Without You” and others leaving his fans in awe every time he uploads them. This marathon of piano covers was recently brought to a halt for the time being, as he released his short film “Manic” that he describes as “Isolation and unfettered genius can turn a nocturnal animal maniacal. Dark, brooding, and decaying – This is Manic” in which he depicts a story backed by an instrumental that makes us experience a visual story about a predator from the moment he gets his prey to when he’s caught and ends it all and is so far his best work and requires a tremendous amount of recognition for the originality and quality and the hard work and effort put into it to make it that refined.

He can be found on Instagram @pavianoo where he posts updates about his new releases and uploads his music and short teasers of it to give his fans a taste of his music and can also be found on YouTube by the name Pavianoo.