Paresh Patel

Paresh Patel

Paresh Patel is an upcoming influencer and professional. He is of Indian origin and is currently based in Houston, Texas where he lives with his family. Paresh has many different hobbies and interests that he shares with his followers on his Instagram. He is also a very caring and family-oriented person and often shares pictures and memories with his family. While Paresh shares all of his different successes with his followers, he is also good at motivating them and often shares inspirational stories and pictures that are sure to motivate his followers.

These days, Instagram has become the primary social media site for aspiring influencers and those who want to inspire people and build a following. Paresh has also adopted Instagram to cultivate a following. He currently has a following of over 20,000 people and this number is growing every day. The best thing about Paresh’s content is that he offers a variety of motivational and personal content both. He shares his successes but makes sure his followers are not left behind and is quick to uplift and inspire them too.

Paresh’s profile picture is a picture of him in Universal Studios Hollywood. He can be seen standing on a red carpet where he looks happy and inspiring. In some of his other personal pictures, he can be seen having a good time on his own and with his family. A post from October 2019 shows him celebrating Diwali with his family. The first video shows him playing around with a firecracker which shows how joyous the occasion was. The rest of the pictures are group pictures with his family which shows how much he loves and cares for them. He also celebrated Diwali and New Year with his family at the end of 2020 where he wrote a heartwarming post that wished for a blessed and happy 2021 for all of his family, friends, and followers.

He has also posted many pictures from vacations he has taken with his family. In one of them, they can be seen having fun at Lake Dillon in Colorado which is a very popular and beautiful tourist spot. He also posted some breathtaking pictures of Echo Lake Park in Colorado which shows its beauty. He also makes sure that he celebrates the achievements of his family members and congratulates his little sisters whenever they win an award or contest. In 2017 he congratulated his sister for graduating from the University of Houston. This shows how much he values his family and wants them to succeed.

He often posts pictures with his car and house to show his success and encourage his followers. He recently posted a picture of his car and phone, both of which are red chrome, and talked about how he tried to match them. In another post, he matched his blue BMW with a blue iPhone max. He can also be seen posing with Rangerover which he purchased on Dussehra. He has also posted about all the phones he has owned. The 15 phones show his journey from owning an iPhone 1G to the iphoneX.

He often mingles with some of the top celebrities and actors from Bollywood. He attended the IIFA awards in 2017 where he met big stars like the actor Varun Dhawan and singer AR Rahman. He also attended the Dabang Reloaded Premier in Houston, Texas where he met the megastar and actor Salman Khan. He is a big fan of Bollywood movies and frequently attends premieres. He also enjoys Hollywood movies and watched Spiderman: Homecoming twice in the cinema.

Paresh is an influencer who works hard to inspire his family, friends, and followers. His posts are geared towards celebrating his success as well the success of his family. He also enjoys Bollywood movies and can often be seen mingling with some big names. Paresh is a family-oriented person who wishes to see everyone around him succeed.