Paradise Charity (@paradisecharity2013)

When females and children face abuse, they believe there is no way out, but there is always help and a way out. In today’s world, slavery has become modern, and every 5 in 1 children is a victim of child trafficking. Paradise Charity is one of the foundations working towards child and female safety. It is a nonprofit organization that works for women and children suffering from domestic violence and human trafficking. This nonprofit organization has an Instagram account with a username (@paradisecharity2013). It is winning the hearts of many people through its social work; more than 5k people follow it on Instagram. Follow Paradise Charity on Instagram and bless your profile with positivity.

A woman should never invest in a relationship that she would not want for her daughter. Every human has the right to live a happy and healthy life. She should not allow any man to abuse her. Paradise Charity Group is dedicated to women struggling with domestic abuse. On a website (, the organization shares activities and programs. In 2013, Dr. Bahar Gharib Danesh developed the Paradise charity group in Woodland Hills, California. The organization is not associated with any political, religious party, or government organization. The organization’s vision is to provide a haven and education to unprivileged children and females to make them grow. If you have an interest in social work, Follow Paradise Charity.

A strong woman can better understand and guide a woman suffering from pain. Dr. Bahar founds the organization. During her teens, she was into helping others, especially children. Setting up an organization has been a dream for her since childhood. When she became a mother, she started looking for developing countries more deliberately with hungry, ill children and orphans. She wanted to contribute her efforts to their well-being. She researched and realized how many orphanages do not have funding, resulting in a lack of food, caregivers, and poor structures. She began her journey of establishing a nonprofit organization. In 2013, she formed this organization and dedicated herself by donating time. The organization was based on self-funding the charity. Her mission is to fight against children’s exploitation and to make a change in children’s life. Are you inspired by this lady and want to know more about her? Follow Paradise Charity.

Slavery is actual; sex trafficking is the modern age of slavery. Millions of children are being smuggled and exploited in this business. Paradise Charity aims to fight against the sex trafficking of children and young females worldwide. In a modern-day world, social media and television have gained attention. Thus, it becomes essential to highlight such heart-wrenching issues on these platforms to create awareness. The organization has joined IC3O, utilizing media as a tool to raise awareness. The organization creates awareness among children and females against sex trafficking and how they can protect themselves. The organization collaborates with different charity groups, including Corazon de Vida Foundation, International Society for children with Cancer (ISCC), St Jude Children’s Hospital, Child Foundation, etc. Additionally, the organization funded the construction of a dormitory for children having special needs. The organization donates to the children’s foundation org. Which ensures children living in poverty go to school. This organization has a fantastic team and volunteers who help them in every step towards society. Teamwork is essential as a single person cannot do great things; it requires a team. Corazondevida, Niusha Gharib, Ryansgrocerystore, Halfpersian, and others are prominent organizations or persons working with Paradise charity towards human development. Follow Paradise Charity and witness their recent work or projects.