Paper Posh (@paperposh)

Whatever someone thinks, never stop fighting; no material property should stand for you and your passion if it’s in your gut, your soul. Paper posh is a bold music artist; she is on Instagram as @paperposh with 93.2k followers. She is also an activist standing for women’s rights, as it’s very clear from her social name, Paper posh. Her actual name is Ftema raysor. She is a fashion artist for herself and a fearless musician. She does rap and conveys her words to society from which she suffers. She takes bold stances to stand against the societal norms in favor of women’s empowerment. Music offers us a voice in circumstances when we are silenced. Whether it’s via clever lyrics or infectious rhythms, music has the potential to make us powerful. Follow Paper posh on Instagram.

When it comes to gender prejudices, the art world will be no exception. Despite the prevalence of successful female artists, the males still received the most attention. In comparison to their accomplished female peers, their work is considered at a significantly higher rate. Paper posh struggled to be treated equally in all facets of their lives, from art school to selling their work to building an audience. She utilized her work to inspire herself and her fans in numerous ways. Some activists and musicians helped in the struggle for equality, including her. Talented female painters have made significant contributions to the art world. They participated in art revolutions as empowerment, whether as artists, models, historians, or singers. And have campaigned for it to be recognized for its revolutionary effects on society. She has the urge to meet famous personalities and attend their seminars and sessions to enhance her perspective. And it gives her pleasure to meet new peoples to get inspired by her traits. Her work has, without a doubt, made a significant contribution to the progress of our artistic culture. Follow Paper posh on Instagram.

She has a generous personality, and she gets up to date regarding the new fashion trend in town. The fact is that fashion for these ladies has less to do with a hidden skill and more to do with recognizing what resonates with them and adhering to a new fashion trend. They develop a personal style plan so that the bulk of the guessing is removed straight away, and getting dressed is a pleasure. The clothes you put on are a reflection of who you are. It should bolster her image while also reflecting her genuine personality. This means not squeezing her feet into 5-inch stilettos that require an hour-long foot rub at the end of camp if she prefers flats or following the current trends just because her buddies do. Wear attire that makes you feel good. Follow Paper posh on Instagram.

Hip-hop and rap are as much a part of women’s lifestyles as they are of men’s. Ladies have repeatedly demonstrated that hip-hop isn’t simply a man’s game. Either through their rapping prowess, creative capabilities, or ground-breaking decision-making skills underneath. Female musicians are advised to follow specific guidelines to obtain approval from male fans and business insiders. They must be imaginative, intelligent, and proficient in their field. But their male counterparts do not have to meet the exact stringent requirements to be noticed. On multiple times, Paper posh has demonstrated their rapping ability; nonetheless, she has been chastised for lyrical material that includes references to sex and money. In a similar spirit, despite digging into a similar pool of content, chart-topping rappers Future and Offset rap about adultery, drugs, and violence, earning widespread recognition and accolades. Although she poses her boldness, she is sometimes criticized and sometimes gets applause. Follow Paper posh on Instagram.