P.U.R.E @iampure1

P.U.R.E @iampure1

“People can try to reinvent themselves. I don’t think you can really change who you are, though, because who you are is pretty much where you came from and what you’ve done up to now.” – Eminem.

Whenever we talk about art we consider music as its part. But music, according to different cultures, different regions, and different histories has evolved at such a faster pace than it is not just something played on an instrument but something people cherish in the form of memories for the rest of their lives. Whether it is rap or soft lyrical or whether it is jazz or rock, music creates its own charm if the creator is ready to dive into the journey of expressing himself in the music. Iampure1 or simply P.U.R.E is not just a rapper and music creator himself but also a music composer.

P.U.R.E, an astonishing emcee erupts from the crevices of the concrete in the streets of Sulfolk Va like a brilliant rose from the streets of Sulfolk Va, Virginia. P.U.R.E due to his talents has been able to evaluate, learn quickly, and develop a love and enthusiasm for music which has led him to recognition in the music industry.

Iampure1 or simply P.U.R.E is an artist from the American music industry. His versatility, whether regarding songs or his financial life, is remarkable. P.U.R.E, in his studio, helps the young prospective music artists in changing their dreams into reality by providing them with the opportunity to convert their poetical thoughts penned down on a piece of paper into reality.

The music he creates portrays the truest and the ‘Purest’ feelings and thoughts that the artist must have noted down relating it to some point in his/her life. Whereas the rap and music P.U.R.E creates, exclusively including his own voice and lyrics highlights the uniqueness he possesses in himself.

Up till now, iampure1 has created multiple albums which are available for people to view on Spotify and buy-in CD or platinum player forms on his online website. His songs are not only a hit but a banger amongst rap music lovers. You can stream P.U.R.E. music and his albums on iTunes, Spotify, Google play store, apple music, or Tidal.

P.U.R.E have had the chance to collaborate with one of the hip hop community’s cornerstones, Raekwon Da Chef, on the album The WILD, and earned this dart smith, the mark of approval. Standing up and unleashing a fantastic, strategic, and relentless barrage of words that only begins with M&N and the Chef, P.U.R.E has demonstrated flawless bars with the legend. By embracing his dreams, being steadfast, and remaining modest, he was able to build a classic endeavor titled “MADE”.

MADE is P.U.R.E’s 2015 hip hop/ rap album where he has compiled all his hit and hard-worked rap songs, which users can stream not only on Spotify but on iTunes and Apple Music as well. The album contains 12 songs in total which are named Statement, The Belly, Made, Here I Come, Burn Something, Talk That Talk, Lil Brother, Ellyse Nights, Renaissance Painting, Spot Checker, Need to Learn, and Can’t Kill Me. You can also get the Vinyl Record of album MADE from $40-$60 on “https://omnisup.com/shop/” which is an online store of P.U.R.E and his Merch.

Apart from being a hip-hop rapper and a music composer, P.U.R.E is a businessman and sells apparel with the brand name CANA. The activewear that he sells in a form of his Merch includes Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Trousers, Hoodies, Women’s Tank tops, and Women’s athletic clothing. His clothing line is for men and women both.

The diversity in talents, professions, and roles in life has portrayed P.U.R.E as one of the most humble, modest, hard-working, and steadfast people who know how to dream and how to turn that dream into reality. P.U.R.E is indeed a star in the making.