P – Shaw (@thekingofphillyrnb)

P – Shaw (@thekingofphillyrnb)

Music is known to be the universal language of humanity. It is a form of art that does not only please the ears and mind, but also nurtures the soul. For a long time, music gives us an emotional response, and this is the reason that everyone loves music to transform their mood and bring a positive sense of relief in their daily life. Moreover, it is a great source of communication that offers encouragement and amplification too. Music has sufficient power to bring positivity and entertainment to the lives of people. There are certain feelings and emotions which are sometimes hard to express, but music helps us in expressing those feelings and emotions in a better manner. Today, we will talk about a personality from Philadelphia who has devoted his life to music. He is not only a musician, but also a producer, and sound engineer. These are the reasons that people consider him one of the versatile artists. His songs have beautiful lyrics that touch everyone’s heart. He also a singer, actor, and model at I.M.T.A (International Models & Talent Agency). As well, he has won many awards in singing competitions in New York.  Yes, we are definitely talking about James Pattishaw aka P-Shaw (@thekingofphillyrnb).

James Pattishaw belongs from the U.S. largest city of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He was born on 17th April 1987. He acquired BSc from the School of Audio Technology, Philadelphia. After that, he got the degree of Masters in Computer Applications in 2007 from Dobbins/ Randolph A.V.T.S.  At an early age, he has been very passionate about music.  His affection for music was so high, that he finds ways to flourish himself in the field of music. He is always determined to wins the hearts of his audiences with his enthralling songs and performances.

After success in music, James Pattishaw engrossed himself in other sections like audio production, graphic designs, and media production.

James Pattishaw always dreams to start his own sound production company, and in the year 2003, he founded his production company namely P-Shaw Productions where he has been producing stand-out songs with the collaboration of renowned artists. He gives master sound effects to a song that takes the song to next level. It is due to this, James Pattishaw production songs always remain on the top of hit songs.

Moreover, James Pattishaw also assists, and encourages aspiring artists to grow in the field of music. He provides the opportunity to future artists as they can manifest their skills and talent in front of the world.

James Pattishaw is also an exceptional drummer. He has extensive experience in drumming. He works as a drummer at Universal Missionary Baptist Church for a long time. Besides that, he works for other popular music companies as well.

When you do something full of determination and passion and give your 100% to it, that factor shows how committed and passionate you are with your work. This credit undoubtedly deserves James Pattishaw whose music has charm and never fails to touch the heart of music lovers. This is why his songs and his production company both are achieving enormous popularity and fame among music lovers on every platform. He also transforms his skills and talent into those who are very passionate about music. Thus, being a music trainer, he trains passionate artists that how they can enhance themselves to achieve their life goals. However, under his fruitful guidance, many aspirants have their life objectives too.

 If you dream to be a famed singer like James Pattishaw then he has the power to make your dream into reality. You can get his guidance by contacting him on the Instagram handle (@thekingofphillyrnb).