Ozair Puda (@ozairpuda)

Starting a Car service business is a wonderful way to spend your day with cars. Through this business, you are nothing but bringing smile’s to people faces as you are caring for their Cars and Resolving the problems and what they are trying to do. Ozair is a Founder and CEO of Service my car and has an Instagram account with 121k followers with user name (@Ozair Puda). He lives in Dubai and lives traveling to explore new chances of business. He also invested in an app called (Roadside assistance) service my care only to help people. He provides and performs different services like car detailing, car renewal, Service contracts.

Moreover, accessories and rental car services are launching soon. He also has a free pick and delivery services, a 12-month parts and labor warranty, free pick and delivery, and dedicated advisors for any recommendation and help. He’s providing his services in different cities, including the UK, UAE, Dubai, Abudhabi, Oman, Muscat, and Manchester. His favorite city from them is, of course, UAE. He loves to do city walks and capture beautiful pictures for memories.

Ozair Puda is a motivational and dedicated person to his work. That’s the reason he’s working with so many countries. In this world, people may have hobbies and interests; being a car enthusiastic is one of them. Being a car enthusiast is admiring cars and having the interest to do what you want to with your car, such as driving. Whether you want to drag race, race on the track, or go off-roading, a true car enthusiast sees the beauty in cars, whereas others would see an average car.

He practices using his fun, exuberant personality to ease car repairing concerns. He guides his customers through the sales procedure and gives pro tips on how to get the best deals. His DIY maintenance shows you how to polish headlights or repair your car. His TED talk also highlights his blog and plans to spend them in the industry. This is a major reason for fame for Ozair Puda. You can download the app Service my care lead by establishing an authentic voice.

He’s too creative. He has great communication skills if anyone strains the relationship both personal and professional such a problem is solved with a technical aptitude and strong work ethic. He also does a small business of renewable automobiles which clearly shows us his passion and how enthusiastic his work makes him different from others.

Ozair Puda is a family man and values his relationship, and he’s also an activist because of this profession. He has good communication skills, so he’s social too and quick to interact with people. He loves animals and does some charity work for different NGOs for helping those who cannot afford automobiles for travel they can rent out from his app at affordable prices.

This is the success story of Ozair Puda, a person with a gold heart and always ready to contribute his services to society and humankind. He’s living a lavish life for which anyone can dream of, but he’s soo down to earth and has a big heart that invites people towards him, another reason for his fame. His customers come first before anything, which is a good marketing strategy as having MBA degrees and running a successful business by following the steps and keeping every circumstance of losing and gaming in business which keeps him. His followers motivated and allowed them to pore more love on him.